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Sunday, January 14, 2007 

Truly yours truly concerned

I was reading this news clip: "Why the frogs are dying" and found it to be very depressingly informative. It's not like I don't know the world is changing, it's not like I don't know the world is getting hotter, it's not like I don't know whole species are dying; but what we as homo sapience are doing about it?

Look, there's so many people in positions of power that could enact and perhaps enforce policies that could save the world. Note, I wrote save the world. It is indeed grim I would say and if things were to continue the way it is, 10 years from now (that's if this blog is still alive) we will witness a world where there may be no frogs alive (judging from the article above), and I shall miss my frog leg porridge in Chinatown & Geylang, Singapore. Either that the frog leg porridge could cost like $50 a pop, more expensive than other delicacy.

What about people in no position of power? What can we do? Note, I include myself as I'm not in the United Nations nor did I win any $20+ million lotteries. For a start, we can all sell our cars away; take public transport; drink recycled water; don't buy books rather read e-books; don't use toilet papers for businesses etc. Some people may just do that but I envision the majority will not. It's not in people's nature to care. Let's put it this way, people's personal & more basic needs need to be fulfilled first before other external needs such as the need to care for our environment is realised (according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs).

If that theory holds true, then what? Of the world's billions of people, how many percentage truly truly care then if their basic needs ain't even fulfilled? So what's that got to say about humans doing our part for the environment? Does it start with the small things we do? What if I do but my neighbour doesn't? Does it fall on the government to educate people or to tow people in line? I don't purport to have the answer, but doing my bit for the environment is equally important as the policies that support such stances.

So what have I done to save the environment? Hmmm, I buy a car that's classed under LEV (Or low emission vehicle so the amount of carbon dioxide it emits is really low. I think it's classed under the EU low emissions guideline). Yes I don't take public transport, I'm not ready to sweat it out on the public transport system (at least not in Australia anyway). It's pretty shitty (pardon me) but that's not the point today.

I also recycle all my plastic, glass and paper garbage separately and throw them into the recycle bin. I usually shop using my own bag (those green bags you can buy in supermarket such as Woolworths or Coles in Australia); err usually coz I tend to forget to take it out of my car. My bad!

I also hate to waste water (which I think is going to be a MAJOR MAJOR resource in the future; anyone know any stocks in company dealing with water??) so I try to use as little as possible. I couldn't think of anything else I can do on my part but perhaps people else where are doing it differently, even better, even more efficient?

Now I pose you this question? What are you doing to save the world? Meanwhile, I'll go back to my world of Battlefield 2 and kill some idiots to vent the day off.

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Though there is the other side to the coin. Some of these so called dire predictions are just our big world going through it's climatic cycles, and there's not much we can do about that. But it's a nice post to remind everyone to keep in the environment in mid.

Oei turn word verification lah. So troublesome.

Dun worry. Frogs breed fast. :p

Besides, Australia's much more into recycling than Singapore, so you're doing heaps more than us. >.<

ARLO!!! Looks like someone is back in the blogging business :) You didn't tell me earlier!

Anyways, is it OK to add you to my links as well? Ta!

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