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Tuesday, January 02, 2007 

New Year resolution 2007

I want to set out to do the following this New Year 07. I'll huff and I'll puff but I'll endeavor to try my bloody best! In no order of priority.

1) Lose weight. I don't hope to be 6-pack dude but at least look a bit slimmer.
2) MBA? Wishful thinking? Maybe towards the middle or the end of the year. I have to pay for it myself this time.
3) Attend Simon & Mel's wedding. I can't give 100% guarantee but I'll plan my leave EARLY!
4) Try to keep in touch with my family and friends more. Being away in a different country does not give me an excuse.
5) Be proactive in everything I do. Yeah it's quite generic but trying to apply it in everyday context.
6) Not sure buying things will be listed under NY07 resolution but what the heck. Either a 5.1 kickass sound system / home theatre, a Nintendo Wii, LCD/Plasma TV > 32", body kit and sports rim for my car, a Canon E400D or Nikon D80, maybe a new dual core pc or everything listed above.
7) Don't procrastinate. I don't know how many times I've done it and I've got no excuses.

That's all for now...

Oh something for you Simpsons fan. Check out which character are you? I'm Bart Simpson!!!

damn I knew we ought to have made you sign some undertaking before you left!

Hey Happy New Year!

Btw, I hv move my blog to www.maximillianandus.com. So pls update the link on ur blog. Thanks

u forgot to add one more thing to ur list ie to propose to ur gf...hehehehe...

its great seeing u after all these years of "hiatus". i get to poke ur tummy!! hehehehe! and please hor dont take another 3 to visit us again in sgp.

take care!:)


mela: hehe, i'll try my really best!!! worse come to worse i call in sick for 3 days and fly over just for the wedding. :p

steph: done that. keke, now your blog going professional yah ;)

ainul: propose cannot list under ny resolution lah, if i'm ready i don't need a resolution rite? *grins*

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