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Monday, January 08, 2007 

Internet is for losers

How sweet of Optus to deprive me of Internet for 5 freaking whole days! No internet since last Thursday 4th Jan (Yes I keep tab). It just came up today evening, finally! Not a happy camper I tell ya. I was stuck with my PS2 and gf for company. Ok, stuck is such a bad word. I'll paraphrase it again; I've the opportunity to spend time with my beloved gf and PS2 and away from my evil PC. For a moment, I was losing my sanity.

Now I'm living in a world where no internet is making me anxious. I can't check news, I feel disconnected from everything, detached. I don't even know Liverpool lost to Arsenal at home, with a 1-3 score line. I don't have faith in Liverpool overcoming Barcelona. Sigh, I hope I'm wrong.

Anyway on to happier things, I got prawn rolls (those small fried prawn rolls that you can get from shops like Mei Zhen Xiang) courtesy of my darling. It's not heaps but enough to make me uber happy for awhile.

Onto my PS2, I just clocked 40+ hrs on Final Fantasy XII. Its kinda fun but I feel that I'm wasting my time instead of doing something that could be more important, such as watching Blood Diamond on my pc and knowing that conflict diamonds are bloody. Then armed with that knowledge, I can dissuade my gf not to buy too big a diamond to contribute to the growing problems in countries such as Sierra Leone.

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Hehe, no internet really sucks okay.

And I've just got Xenosaga 3 and started on Final Fantasy XII. PS2 rocks lah. Who cares about life wasting away, when it's so much fun jsut wasting away?

Hehe, eh if you're playing FFXII, make sure u read the faq if you want to get the most powerful weapon. I read it too late.

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