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Monday, January 01, 2007 

Yet again

I'm back! *GRINS*

I'm back from Singapore, back from holiday and back to work. Feels shit now especially when I start thinking about the December 2006 trip in Singapore. That was not so long ago. It was great!!!

3 years away and when I'm back some things still felt familiar yet some things change. Changes are good I always tell myself. Best part of going back was seeing everyone I miss. My family, my relatives, uncles, aunties that dote on me, cousins, nieces, nephews, good friends. I can't truly describe my feeling when I see my long lost loved ones and friends. Just feels so good!!!

Oh not forgetting food too. Before I went back, I was thinking to myself all the food I'm gonna eat. When I'm back, surprisingly I didn't crave so much for it. I was like, ok if I get the chance to eat it I will if not no worries.

I see all my little nieces, nephews, cousins and they're all so big now! When I last saw them some were like so katek (short) and so innocent. Now, they're into those boy bands ah, 5566, err don't know what those handsome Chinese actors lah. Little kids nowadays are so impressionable and it's no joke.

I've finally got off my arse to post the pictures up at flickr.com too. Clicking here will get you to the photos. Could have done it sooner but I was without my camera usb cable + memory card reader can't read my stupid Sandisk 2GB SD card. Grrrr... I managed to nick a memory card reader from my mate.

Wahliao, you captions are quite funny. Enjoyable, heh.

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