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Monday, August 21, 2006 


Ahh, feels good to be away for so long from blogging. Seriously, I think it's so hyped up and so full of people who wants to feel heard. Kinda self contradicting isn't it since I'm here too and back.

Lotsa things have happened since my last update. New job, new place, new car, new credit cards, new bills (and more bills)... ah the life of a classic working man in short, punctuated by occasional news of friends getting married or having babies since me frens and me are of marriageable age and making babies in this era of oil shortage and ever rising petrol prices.

I dunno, everyone I knew is kinda in the 1) going to get married stage, 2) married stage, 3) married with babies stage and I think I am feeling inundated by all these going onto the next phase, planning for the future stuff. Not that I don't love to plan, I love to plan stuff and lay things out and hopefully I'll get more organised (not that I would for those who knew me).

So meeting up with friends always get recurrent themes such as when are you getting married, what are you doing, when this, what that, when that, what this etc. You get my drift. Perhaps this is why I stopped writing for awhile. Perhaps working too hard diverts me from thinking too much... just perhaps I could be hungry too :p

Grins. Are you feeling the heat? HAHAHA... Seriously man, do you actually intend to come back? Doesn't matter if you cannot make it for the ROM. Do let me know.

life will move on even though you're not ready. I think its best if we just embrace them as it comes... no point dwelling on whether u should or shouldnt do certain things. Ensure that you're happy at all times!

btw, good to have u back in the blooging world.

probably that's how much a human can do... to go through the routines and rituals of life.


what to do? that's life. :P

so ron when are u getting married? :P

were you even gone? i didnt notice.


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