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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 


I'm not sure whether is it due to work or just me, I've been tired the last couple of days. I reckon it's the sleep late, wake up early that's making me so tired. After I came back from back, I'll sit in front of my pc and read some news etc, next thing I know I end up in my bed (I don't think it's sleep walking).

So by then, I'll wake up at around 7ish. Then I'll sleep late again and maybe this is the vicious cycle that's making me tired. Drinking Genmaicha (green tea + popped rice), playing Need for Speed, catching up on my books, checking what next should I upgrade for my pc ain't helping either.

Talking about genmaicha, I love it so much! I can practically drink it everynight. I've read up a bit of it, although it contains a small amount of caffeine I hope it won't get me addicted to caffeinated stuff like countless millions of coffee drinkers out there. *Sheepish grin*

Now that Christmas is around the corner, I should pick up my lazy ass and start listing those old stuff that I have. You never know, someone might wanna pay gold for my Casio 128kb organiser. Muahahaha!!

OOO. I'm playing Romance of the Three Kingdoms X and I've reserved Civilisation IV which I hope to get next week! After GT4, I think other driving games still not there yet.

fuck man, blog lah!

lol puppetress, short sweet and i just did!

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