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Wednesday, January 10, 2007 

Liverpool ah Liverpool, wake up your idea!

All I can say is it pains me to see Liverpool lose yet again. Come on, losing once to Arsenal is painful enough but once more in the Carling Cup is the nail in the coffin. Why the heck Benitez plays Jerzy Dudek in such an important FA cup match? Match fitness & rest Reina? I suppose so but I can't totally put the blame on Dudek as he's not played for yonks. Losing the Carling cup is still alright in my book but at least work harder for the FA cup. Conceding 12 goals altogether to Arsenal alone this season is just not acceptable! Liverpool is going to lose to Barcelona if they continue this way and a pessimistic outlook for Liverpool fans this year. No cups...

I didn't watch the match, but got a SMS from a friend and was so pissed to see the scoreline and I was fuming inside. If I've watched it I'm very sure I'll be jumping mad! Sheesh!!


I know how you feel. It really sucks.

Though I have to give credit to Arsenal, they played damn well. I hope they do us a favour and beat Man U and Chelsea in the league.

Or maybe Ronaldinho will get flu or something, and then not play the CL game.

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