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Saturday, January 13, 2007 

Eat eat eat, pay pay pay

OMG! I tell ya! If this is what I'm doing every weekend, my resolution of getting slimmer is going down the drain. Brunch I had seafood at the Sydney Fish Market, followed by dessert/tea at Passionflower (ice-cream + fat inducing parlour) followed yet by a sumptuous dinner at a Korean restaurant call Zozo. Along the way, I may have walked quite a bit but I pre-empt myself by saying the walking is definitely not enough to burn off those extra calories.

Now, going on to that food in detail. Sydney Fish Market was the usual draft of things I eat when I'm there. Sashimi, seaweed salad, seafood platter, a small bite of sea urchin (they look weird, curry colour and slimy looking and taste well just too fresh for my taste bud.

As for Passionflower, they sell ice cream and lotsa ice creams and they have some pretty unusual flavours too! Since I haven't had waffles for ages, I went ahead and ordered a waffle with black sesame ice cream and chocolate sauce on it. I like the black sesame ice cream but I don't think it goes well with the waffle. I still finish it at the end; at least I'm still maintaining my philosophy of not wasting food.

We went Zozo coz Rosie is going back Singapore and have not tasted Korean food (not that Singapore don’t have Korean food) so that’s a good excuse to have Korean. We had bbq pork and chilli squid and chicken, Korean noodles and a tofu seafood soup. During the dinner, we kept asking for extra servings of kimchi (LOTSA IT!!!) and I felt so paiseh. They must be thinking have they not eaten kimchi before? Well, we tipped them at the end, as the service is good.

That reminds me tipping is not compulsory but highly encouraged if you felt the service is good. I don’t want to tip for the sake of formality but rather to encourage the good service that was rendered. That IS tipping! I don’t know what’s the idea behind “must always tip” mentality. Does it mean you’re well mannered? Does it mean you’re well to do? Does it mean you’re better off compared to the stingy buggers that don’t tip? Does it make you feel good? Is it the culture? Ah, as long as I feel that the service is good, a tip will be on the way. Also, can someone enlighten me when you pay via credit card, there’s an option there to write how much tips you’re giving. Who gets that? Is it the waiters/waitresses or the shop owner?

Sidenote: Maybe I should redesign the template again after looking at a few people’s blogs, mine’s getting too stale for my taste.

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I miss Fish Market. :p

I miss Passion Flower. Wasabi ice-cream.....

*GRINS* I'll post some pictures for both your viewing pleasure. Perhaps that might tempt some of you back here. :p

I miss Sydney and Wollogong. I have this very strong desire to go back there. Sigh...

PS: Can I crash at ur place if I do go over? Few nites?

Ok pictures are up at http://s137.photobucket.com/albums/q236/bigbanana_photo/ or you can click on the My Photo Album 1 link on main page.

flowerger: Of course you're very welcome here. As a matter of fact, Rosie is bunking with us for a week. hee hee. So when are you coming ah?

Reminds me of that horrible pig out session at East Coast. Sinful...

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