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Friday, January 12, 2007 

Casino Royale

Overall I think it's not a bad show. Although the reason I watched it today is coz the weather outside is like 36"c and the temperature inside the shopping centre is like 21"c, there's no prize for guessing which option I took. To make it worse, I didn't bring along my student card so I have to pay for full adult price (not that I'm still a student) but I just want to make the full use of my extended expired privileges.

Show finished at 3.30pm so there's still time to spare and we (Rosie, Yasa and me) decided to hang around for the sake of the air-con in the shopping centre. It is really THAT bad outside right not. I'm not kidding. For those of ya who's been in Adelaide during the summer, it's pretty comparable.

So back to 007, I don't pretend I know why they choose Danial Craig. Maybe he's English? Maybe of his super tone body? But he's just so different from all the previous 007 characters. Just the way he turn around with the gun pointing through the gun barrel is just so stupid. The way he stand just does not ooze style to me. On to better points, it is more (slightly) realistic. They tried to portray 007 as not totally invincible. He's fallible. He can die. He have feelings. You know, those stuff.

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You actually updated your blog! Omg! I think i just saw a pig fly past! :D

Somehow, i think Pierce Brosnan does the best job for acting James Bond. He's so much more stylish than the rest. :p

hehe, i am trying as part of my new year resolution.

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