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Thursday, August 24, 2006 

Food illustrious food

Ah, I'm missing stuff like Hainanese chicken rice, fried carrot cake, mee pok, bah kut teh, nasi lemak etc. There's this restaurant (call Temasek, how nostalgic ah) nearby where they serve Singapore/Malaysian dishes and there was this week where I was perpetually camping my butt there. I went for lunch, dinner and followed by lunch the next day there. My gf told me off but I couldn't care, I was in bliss land! Of course it can't be compared to the real thing, but it's the next real thing.

Then there was another restaurant nearby. Similar food but peanut service. It was one quiet weekday, gf and me went into the restaurant first and a guy waiter (China dude. I got nothing against China folks, my ancestors came from there, I worked with Chinese people too so no grudges against the majority) saw us and we made eye contact. Then a group of aussies came straight in after us and that SOB pointed to a table for us and floated straight to them (like Scrooge McDuck to his gold). I was flabbergasted! What kinda service is this?

Throughout our dinner, he was attending to their every needs and trying to get them to order this and that (basically getting them to pay more and trying to provide good service) while when we called him he'll say wait a sec while he go to attend to their needs. Note, there were only us and them during this period.

This really pisses me off and I decided not to give any tips later. So after I signed the cc, he went to the bar counter (not far away) and murmured in mandarin to another waiter that we're stingy, never give any tips even though the dinner comes up to around $30ish. Well, I'm not normally vengeful but it felt good while I walk out with a satisfied grin from the food and the revenge! If I was REALLY REALLY piss and confrontational, I would speak to the manager and tell him the excellent service rendered by that dude.

Even hawker service is better but I pay peanuts and I expected peanuts in a hawker centre, except if you go to a restaurant you pay macadamia nuts you expect macadamia nuts service (pardon my pun).

I can be the happiest man of the moment when I'm finally able to be in a hawker centre! Meanwhile, we're going Temasek today! NOW! *GRINS*

I will try to cook an authentic Hainanese chicken rice dinner for you when you visit. Will choose a nice fat chicken for you. :P

brother why dont we go down to the hawker centre and eat? i will choose a nice fat chicken for us. :p

i want to join!!! hehehe ... neh neh, we all miss u very muchie. Even mira. She said u're her favourite MJ khaki. And mine too =)

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