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Thursday, January 18, 2007 

Temporary housemate bye bye

Rosie was staying with us for around a week and she is leaving for Singapore today. We decided that she should check in early coz her luggage is very heavy. She managed to check in about 38kg of luggage, hee hee. See, one of the merits of going early. Ok, it may not be entirely that reason; maybe the SIA chick got a diamond ring the day before so she couldn't care less about how heavy the luggage is. Maybe Rosie pray the night before. Whatever!

To Rosie: Hope you'll be back soon! Go get PR! You know you like it here! You can download LOTSA anime & TV series here without being monitored or fear that the government will take you off their Chinese New Year Ang Pao (red packet) list. Even if you blur in Australia no worries, people tend to ignore what you're doing in public; not like Singapore, they look at you weirdly like you're from the Institute of Mental Health (it's a mental asylum, infamous). I don't meant you're from IMH. It's a figure of speech (words). Ok, nuff said, go have the food I want to eat.

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dont be jealous cos she has us here!

Of coz jealous lah! coz everyone's biting the dust here. :p

Thanks for allowing me to crash over at your place for a week leh, I've lots of fun chatting with both Siew and you yo, ermmm... Siew more lah, hehehe... Hope to see both of you soon eh.

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