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Saturday, November 26, 2005 


No, definitely not mine. I'll let you all know when that time comes. Stay focus.... Now, this is the wedding between Edwin and Serene (both my uni mates) who're now staying in Sydney. What more can I say, they have been together for ages. Hmm, if I count correctly it's about 5-6 years. Serene's from Singapore and Edwin's an Australian Chinese.

She came over to study in Australia and met up with him. Ever since, they're been together and she moved to Australia because of him. Anyway I shouldn't bore you with such lovey dovey stuff.

So, armed with my kick ass camera, we (Cat, JJ, Sam, Siew, Steph and me) attended their church wedding in the arvo. Cat is staying in Adelaide, JJ/Sam and Steph are from Singapore and Malaysia respectively and they flew down to attend their wedding. It was so good to see everyone. Although we didn't have lotsa time to catch up but I suppose a little is better than nothing. It just goes to show how much I miss all my friends who're overseas or far away.

Back to the church wedding, it was a typical solemn church wedding with formal ceremonies etc. For those who're been to a church wedding you should know how it's like. For those who haven't, please go find a church wedding to go to. I shan't explain further as I have a lot to write.

After the church wedding, there was the evening banquet dinner to attend in the city. They had lovely food with I think 12 course dinner. I was busy taking pictures and taking to people I knew. Cat and Sam was the bridesmaid for the bride. I managed to take a couple of pictures of everyone. Yes, I'll email to those who're there so you can develop it. I'm not sure whether should I post the pictures here, but if you wanna see a couple of it, I suppose I can always do it the email way.

I'm happy to see them tie the knot as it's only a matter of time before they do that. You know they'll be there sooner or later and it takes great courage to take that step forward. It's like walking in the dark not knowing what will happen in the future. The good thing is there's two of you taking that step forward. At least if shit happens, you know you're not alone. :)

Now, I just have to go back and process the pictures, convert it to jpg and find their email and email to them. For those interested, give me a buzz and I'll send a couple to you too. *GRIN*

When your turn? haha

i love weddings esp when i attended close frens' wedding. the last wedding i went to was an indian wedding. it was really interesting. if u hv not attended one before, do attend it :)


friend, u could hv just zipped up the files and sent it to us via email man! i hv to click 'save as picture' 80 times!! just to get a copy of the pics... man, wat a tiring thing to do..

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