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Friday, November 25, 2005 

Weee!! my camera

After much deliberation and consideration, I've decided I'll buy my camera today. Although it sounds like a spur of the moment but in actual fact it isn't. I've been thinking about it for the past 2-3 days and there were several logical deductions as to why I decided to do it then although it seems so last minute (which I shall explain later on).

1) Edwin and Serene's wedding is just around the corner (which is tomorrow). That's one of the best times to deploy a spanking brand new camera.

2) Several of my friends are here too. Cat, JJ, Sam and Steph who are coming for their wedding. Even better as I can take even more pictures of everyone.

3) It is only slightly cheaper in Singapore compared to here. I was thinking of getting my gf to get it when she go back to Singapore but that would mean I'll only get it around early Jan 2006. $50 more to pay compared to Singapore provided I bargain.

4) Pay check just came in, better spend it now so it won't be so painful.

As you can see, due to these reasons I've decided to drop by my local Harvey Norman and bargained with them. It was raining so heavy when I was driving there. In my mind, I was like aaaaa I don't really feel like going, so troublesome, so last minute, so wet. 15mins went by and there I was walking around in Harvey Norman in Auburn, NSW.

As if I was a homing missile, I went straight for the digital camera section and immediately a salesperson approached me. I told him what I wanted and he brought out the new one. I asked him whether will he match a cheaper price I got elsewhere and after some fumbling with his pc, he said yes and I said yes. He tried to sell me extended warranty for like 4 extra years for 80 bucks, I took it (don't ask me whether am I going to use it that long, I've bought it already). After getting a memory card, it all adds up to $730. As I paid, I felt my heart skipped a heart beat.

So you can see I'm a happy person yet sad too coz today I've bought meself a spanking not super duper kick ass but pretty close to kick ass camera in my opinion. Oops, I haven't say which camera is it. It's the Panasonic DMC-FZ5. I choose the black colour one. Went home, gf ask why I didn't choose the white one I don't know why. I like both colours but I suppose I'm catering to the traditional idealogy of SLR lookalike cameras being black.

I hope this $700ish is well spent as I'll be looking forward to taking pictures and showing/sending to you all. hee hee

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