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Saturday, November 19, 2005 

World Cup here we come!

Australia finally qualified for the World Cup! Hooray! First thing that came across my mind when Australia scored was woo hoo 1-0. Hopefully they'll make it 2-0 and go through. Minutes went by agonisingly and it went to penalties eventually. Well this penalty shootout is not as tense as the Champions League match between Liverpool and AC Milan.

Exciting nonetheless but not as heart-pumping. Australia got off to a winning start by saving the first penalty. Always good to have the advantage in penalty shootout. When it came to the last one, I've always got the feeling that Australia will win and qualify (as it's about time they do). When I saw the saved penalty I was like oooh yeah!!!! we'll definitely have free to air football matches in Australia next year.

Fox Sports (equivalent of cable monopoly) will not have the exclusive rights to the World Cup as every single Australians will want to follow the Socceroos's adventure in Germany. Muahahaha! Anyway, that's in 2006. I should stop dreaming and instead follow the premiership matches now as the World Cup qualifiers are over. If I'm awake on Sat night I might catch some matches with a Charlton Cold (local beer brand).

I should also use the huge beer mug I got from one of my friend as a gift. Just have to take it out of the storeroom and give it a good clean. ICE COLD BEER HERE I COME LATER!

I saw the match. Australia played with some grit. The way I look at it, it could've gone either way in 90 mins. I think a draw would've been fair.

beer and soccer ... u're becoming an aussie. Juz don't F*ck and watch soccer with beer at the same time.

i agree with adrienne, u are fast becoming a aussie. whats the deal with beer anyway? sure, its fun to drink but not so fun for me to drink it everytime. sheesh... >.<

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