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Friday, October 28, 2005 

Yan can cook, so can I! Part 2

Weekend comes, so off Yan goes to the closet. Its eating out day! As for my thai chicken with rice, it was yummy (maybe coz I wasn't the one who marinated it). As usual, on a Friday evening I'll always eat out. Nothing special and I always go to this one Chinese restaurant call Chef's Choice. I suppose its the habit of going there and that I don't really know of any other place. How pathetic!!

Chef's Choice... Ah for those who went there with me you'll know its synonymous with Pork Chop with tomato rice. hahaha! That's me. Ok I'm trying to break out of this. Give me time. Time is what I don't have.

Ahh time, 24hours / day is not enough. Sleep takes away a huge portion. Not fair! Anyway topic today ain't about time. I'll leave this for another time.

Back to food. So I had dinner with my friends but neglected my gf. I asked her whether wanna have dinner together too she didn't reply back in time. In typical bf/gf dynamics, she got angry so I had to make up to her by bringing her for dinner. We drove around and went into Chills but she opt out. In the end she choose Mac and had o-fish meal. Not my fault mind you for those on her side. *GRINS*

So she was angry with me for not thinking of her. I do but just that she didn't confirm with me whether is she available for dinner, else I would have told my friends if possible we can wait for her awhile more. Oh well, shit happens! :p

rofl... wah liaoz. as usual, u talk your way out of being your fault lor. haiz... *shakes head*

eh, btw we ate at chef's choice not becoz its out of habit, but becoz there aren't much chinese resturants in gong. i think all the gong-ers should know this lor. >.<

isn't there like a chinese valley at gong? there are heaps of chinese eating places over here... well at least at the Valley, where its like a small chinese town. though the auntie at the supermarket not that very friendly...

why are girls so troublesome....

erm... pinkys, u DO realise that u are a girl too and by askiung why girls are so troublesome, you are in the best situation to answer your own quesiton. lol...

ensui: i choose not to reply to your comment. Digging a grave is enough already, doesn't necessarily mean I have to lie in it.

pinkys: I agree with u, gals are troublesome. I'm glad I agree with pinkys. Chinese valley in gong? what's that? oh its so small that you hardly know its there. hehe

I don't think I am that troublesome.. a bit only lah... but still I would like to believe that somewhere out there, there are girls who are more troublesome...

Maybe, probably, they like attention from the second half, so they act troublesome.. ad whiny.. and cranky.. and just plain troublesome wahahaha

when u and siew "fight" very cute leh...hehehe :P


flowerger: when you and june/rosie fight very 'cute' too.

pinkys: i can understand why some gals are troublesome coz like u said they seek attention. but i'm sure there's those who don't seek attention but are troublsome too. :p

Hehe. I know what you mean man. Women... *shakes head*

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