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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 

Down with flies

ARGH!!! Summer coming = flies aplenty! For those who have never had close encounter with an aussie fly, beware!

They are big and fat
They buzz heaps around you and your back
They attack solo but later gang up on you
They fly slowly just to irritate you
They are everywhere
They surprise attack you when you come out of a building
They don't bite but they sure do irritate the hell out of me
They just have to pester you when you're walking!

Luckily they don't sting but they're a close 2nd to mosquitoes. If only its still winter. :(

oh man, i miss winter! and i know that summer brings all the flies, creepy spiders, salamander and all kinds of bugs. I used to have rats on the roof and i can always hear 'em! but of cos, come winter, all annoying creatures juz disappear....

dun just wish u could be like the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four? you just 'flame on' and fry all the surrounding flies to crisp. lol...

Yeah, I remember the flies. Big fat and stupid. And I'll probably encounter lots of them in my trip down in November.

And Ensui's wish is damn good. I want powers like that.

oh yes...one of the things i dont miss about Oz is the flies...yeap they stick to u like a magnet.

hey perhaps u shd try this. try to catch as many flies as possible and then fry them. who knows it will become the next big thing in Oz cuisine besides the ever famous fish & chips ;)



gosh!! what is my sis thinking??!! LOL!!!

Im the Fly Buster in da hse now. cheng cheng cheng!!!

think both the sisters a mad liaoz. one wants to serve flies as a dish, and another is a FLyBuster. rofl...

pinkys: Coz your sis is the cockroach buster in da house, she won't understand your predicament

ensui: ooh ooh, yes flameboy burns the flies. I wish coz they're really irritating!!!

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