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Thursday, October 27, 2005 

Yan can cook, so can I!

In typical working environment in Singapore, whoever makes their lunch and brings to work? I have never or seldom heard of it. Phua Chu Kang will be disappointed if you pack food to work in Singapore. Anyway, food prices are ridiculously low in Singapore (in the region of $3 and you'll get a good meal) but this is NOT the case in Australia.

One meal in Australia normally cost you in excess of $6 and above. That is like rice with vegs and meat or a noodle dish. How about a sandwich? That'll set you back around $4-6 depending on what kind of sandwich.

So I've been eating out while at work for the past few months. Friends & colleagues keep telling me how cheap it is to cook and bring their lunch to work. For me, the only relieve from not eating home cooked food is I'm too lazy to cook and bring it to work. Why go through the trouble when I can get a meal for $6 on average. Now, to a mathematician, that will equate to 5 days x $6 = $30. So one month = $30 x 4 = $120 just on my lunchies.

To me, this doesn't bother me. Food what! That's what I tell myself. As long as food's edible and I don't need to cook, I suppose that $6 justifies the time I'll waste on cooking and packing and cleaning up etc.

After eating out for like 4-5 months now, I'm feeling kinda sick of the variety available at where I work. Okie, so I decide to cook something and pack it to work. For today's menu, I fried an egg (coz I wake up late and had to rush to work, else I'll prepare something more fanciful) and poured the contents of a can (five spices meat) with rice of course into my microwavable container. Hehe, well it doesn't taste that bad in comparison to the SICK & TIRED food I've been eating in the foodcourt.

Imagine 10 fingers. You can count on 10 fingers the variety of dishes they have. That's how pathetic it is. So a permutation of 10 over a course of several months doesn't leave you with much interest and variety. Minus dishes I don't eat, so its less than 10. Imagine, every lunch eating the same or similar dish I always order. Sianz is the word!

That's why I tell myself time to try something new! I've cooked marinated thai chicken with rice and bringing it to work tomorrow. While grilling it, I've QA tested the chicken and its fabulous . So I suppose I'll have an enjoyable meal tomorrow.

See my mood, I might continue this next week. Now what's my menu for next week? I wonder... (let me finish my thai chicken first).

lol... in the first place, i dun think the chefs at the stall are catering for pple who eat there everyday continously for a few months lor. every chef has his own limit of recipes.

u are such a good cook. u shd cook for yourself everyday. $120 a mth is alot lor esp in terms of aussie dollars. Can pay for my mobile and internet bills and some excess to buy a new pair of shoes...hee =)


aiyoh! uncle, i tabao my food everyday in lunapark!

and its so nice and good! just cook more food at dinner and u get the leftovers. or make fried rice.

Laughs, I sure would live to try your cooking when you get back. And frankly, I think the variety of inexpensive food in Oz can get quite boring.

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