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Saturday, October 22, 2005 

Japanese drama mama

Yet another one, no this is not driven by political greed nor the desire to satisfy my friends who lust for more news. It kinda feels good to just write what you want here. Maybe that's my feel good brain cells or am I getting into the groove of it? Perhaps, time will tell.

Recently over the last few months, I've been watching lotsa Japanese dramas. I find them so refreshingly different from Chinese/HK/English dramas. J-dramas are often quite intense and fast-paced in their storyline. The number of episodes normally max out at around 12, rarely going above that. It also often tries to tell a moral or a story and you learn from the story and be a better person. Essentially, a lot of them tells about choice & freedom, and doing what you always wanted without any barriers or regrets.

Inferring this to a Jap culture (to a lesser extent other Asian countries), I can see why a lot of the main themes revolve around this. Not only that, telling a story in 12 or less episodes make for a very action packed and always (most of the time) interesting plot. Comparing this to say a western or chinese drama, which can often span up to 30+ or a few hundreds. I don't have the patience to follow it (imagine Neighbours or Home & Away - as Homer will say...
BORING!!). Nonetheless for those who like their school days, I highly recommend GTO (some tissues may be needed. If you not into hentai, don't watch the anime version. GF-sama says the teacher was depicted as quite hentai) or Gokusen (Yakuza boss turns teacher. Funny rating of 8/10). After you watched these two, you'll feel like becoming a teacher. You'll feel so inspired that nothing is impossible. Although I pity the shits the teacher get sometimes. Then there's the romantic /sad ones like Last Christmas (prepare heaps of tissues near you. Cry rating of 8/10) or Beautiful Life (also lotsa tissues). If you have the extra shoulder to cry on good for you. Even not don't despair, by the end of the show you'll be VERY VERY motivated to do what you feel like doing.

Oh, not forgetting this new J-drama that just came out this year. It's called DENSHA OTOKO (Funny rating 8.5/10). Hmm... I think it deserves special mention for the storyline (coz actress chio too). To quote from the synopsis:

"Adapted from the best selling book "Train Man," this is the true life story of a geeky young man's romance with a beautiful young lady. The book is based on actual messages posted on a huge internet discussion board in Japan. A million internet users followed the Train Man's romance, giving him advices on how to impress the girl and take her out on dates. Train Man belongs in the so-called "Akiba-kei" category: a term that describes nerdy looking men who hang out at Akihabara (the famous electronics area in Tokyo) all day, who are obsessed with video games and computers."

Anyway, these are just a few of the good J-dramas I know and if you get the chance to watch it go for it. If you don't you can send a self-addressed envelope with at least 2 DVD blanks for each series and I'll kindly burn it for you.

You bloody liar. Still say you very busy with owrk lah, got no time lah. L-nC---w!

Got time to watch so many jap dramas. You kuku!

yah i was busy with work during work hours, but after work watch drama lor. Have to relax too mah.

irks!! since when u watch dramas??!!

hey if you hv the time can burn for me happy tree friends?? i cant open those in my lappie :( my bro said im sadistic to enjoy watching such "cartoons"...hee...


Dear Mr. Banana - hello. I read you stuff - across time-line and space both - here in the USA. I would like to talk about things, correspond, etc. blah.

Please check out my spot too.


Thanks. Gary Introne

Neighbors not bad what!!! The guys are cute... the bald one.. or was he from Home And Away??

Aiyah, they all look the same to me! whahahah!!

ps: why do ppl like watch anime so much!! it's just cartoons... cartoons that kiss and speak jap...

Hi, nice reading on your review.. GTO is a blast, my first jap drama and definitely very good and funny.. It's been quite awhile not watching jap drama, instead switch to korean drama now.. Probably, you can check out korean drama :)

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