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Thursday, October 20, 2005 

Friends need TLC

Now onto the topic of friends...

Friends take ages to befriend but enemies take just a moment. Can I boost of many friends but few true friends? Ideally I would like to say no but I liken friends to like growing a plant. Let me paint a picture. You need to plant the seed, cultivate and nurture it. Look after it, water it. Give it sunshine. Give it TLC. Give it whatever you feel will make it grow. You want it to grow because you want it to blossom.

But what if you neglect it? Would the plant still grow? Most likely it would wither and die. Although certain plants (just like certain friends) can stand the test of neglect even though you didn't look after it. That's what I feel. I feel like I've neglected a lot of my good friends. Not because I purposely do it nor for the sadistic enjoyment of it. More like out of sight out of mind. I do think of my friends often but I don't take the action to call them or write letters. Yes actions do mean louder than words and one of the goals of this blog is to let my friends know the inner me. Creation of this blog is definite action already. hee hee.

If only I'm a millionaire, I would fly thru and back to Singapore and Australia and visit all my friends and family and buddies. I would fly back for every single wedding of my friends, every happy and sad moment where I'm needed. Maybe I'm feeling neglected because I've felt that I've done exactly the same thing to some of my close friends. Hopefully with the creation of this blog, I can start to grow this plant that I so sorely miss.

Of course if I'm a millionaire, I'll be sharing my love with you all.

With much love to you too, brother. Hugs and grins.

So good to read your boh liao stuff. (And the T shirt post is so bohliao.)

Haha. So, you got two shirts. Give me one lah!

i wish u are a millionaire then. i miss aussie soooooooo muchie .... really want to go back there. haiz ... miss the weather most of all!

Ogre: You can insult me but not my hard earned t-shirts!!!

Adrienne: Hmm... if so, i buy your diamond ring on your Mr Bf's behalf.

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