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Monday, October 24, 2005 

Sleepy like fug

Anyone can answer this? Is it just me or does most geminis like to sleep? Although I sleep around 7-8 hrs a day and the older you are the lesser you sleep. But it seems like a lot of geminis I know like to sleep or nap a lot. What about other zodiacs signs? Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Eg. I got an Aquarian gf, she doesn't sleep a lot. Not as much as me I think. *shrug*

i think its just you lah. you are too slack lah. lol...

im not sure abt zodiac specific cos like you im always sleepy. and i need coffee to wake up my brain. however sometimes coffee does not work either. most times at the office im still in dreamland.

other geminis - tris also sleep alot. he naps quite a bit too. for june, hmm well all i know its dificult to wake her up from her sleep! LOL. sorry jase but its true.


Heh, I like to sleep a lot too. And I'm Aries.

Bro, zodiac signs don't put out how much you sleep. It's weird how you think like that. Heh, I guess thats' why I enjoy chatting with you.

Because, that was damn bohliao...

@flowerger: eh, be nice can? lol... you need certain tactics to wake my sweetheart up. :)

i think its also dependent on the time of the day. i read somewhere that if u sleep at about 10ish, you'll feel sleepy at about 3ish in the arvo. sounds strange, but seems to be true. >.<

ensui:really ah?? i guess its not applicable to me cos im sleepy no matter how early or late i sleep. LOL.


ogre: nnb! bohliao!!! eh you sat/sun also sleep a lot! I know coz your ex-gfs complained to me too! :p

flowerger: You definitely more powderful than me. Maybe coz you're still growing up into a beautiful flower. So need plenty of rest.

ensui: slack does not = sleepy. There's no direct correlation. Close but not similar. You ask your darling.

Laughs. I have never denied that I sleep alot. And you are bohliao...

my gdness! the whole lot of you really can sleep ah!!! no wonder come from the same school! lol!!!

I have trouble sleeping... dunno why.. can't sleep at night till wee morning, or sometimes worst, until afternoon. gosh... I need sleeping lessons from each one of you!!

pinkys: your sis never teach you meh? OMG, big sister what you doing? these kinda life skills you never share with her? sheesh...

No leh, Mr Boyfriend doesn't sleep a lot and he's born juz 1 day after you. heee ....
I don't sleep a lot, but i really want to. Me Virgo. hee :P

After much careful consideration and the feedback from u all, i narrow it down to genetics.

Laughs, either that or it's the environment. I remember being called the Koon Shin in poly. Heh.

Was rudely awakened once when I satrted snoring so loudly the lecturer stared at me.

so embarassing man, snoring in the da lecture!! gosh!! wahahaha!!!

ahem, mr banana, i think the sleeping alot thingy is within the domain of guys exclusively. pat sleeps alot also. he can go all the way till 4 in the afternoon if i'm not there to shout 'i'm hungry' every 5 mins.

beck: *cough* no wonder you got yourself a chef bf. eh beck, how i leave comments on your blog? i can't!

pinkys: ogre skin is THICK and COARSE. He won't be paiseh.

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