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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 

Travel bug is contagious

What's with traveling around the world? I like that idea but my pocket won't be able to support me. I don't want to sell my arse to earn $ overseas (not like anyone would want) :p.

Recently, I just meet up with two of my friends who went traveling around Canada. They were loving it and having fun and experiences which you can never have if you're only there for like 1-2 weeks. They were there for at least 6 months+. They bought a car and travel on the road, slept in the car, hiked in the mountains, camped, snowing boarding, close encounters with big brown bears of the 3rd kind, beautiful sceneries, lovely sunrises, fresh air in the remote areas etc.

Not everyone have the luxury to do that. I'm sure without obligations and commitments, everyone (if not most) will like to experience what they did. I feel happy for them that they're able to fulfill their dreams of traveling.

So if given the chance, where would I like to go? Hmm...let's see:
  • Venice (ahh, the mystique, the gondola. So romantic, definitely not with you ogre. Kidding!)
  • Sistine Chapel (go there specially get neck ache)
  • Orient-Express train across Asia (not the Wollongong to Sydney train, sucks!)
  • Spain (watch Real Madrid's galaticos lose to lowly Getafe)
  • Manhattan, New York (how the heck so many people cram into so small a place)
  • Boston (Red Sox baseball game)
  • Japan (Akihabara, the geek paradise)
  • Peru (Machu Picchu)
  • Brazil (the beaches, the bikini clad girls are bonus)
  • Tibet (good for health and karma)
  • Hawaii (I might learn the hula hoop)
  • Cayman Islands (ah, the art of money laundering)
  • Paris (no, not coz of Paris Hilton)
  • Egypt (pyramids what else, doh!)
  • India, Taj Mahal (no no dancing around coconut trees)
  • At least 1 SuperBowl (I don't get what's the big deal)
  • At least 1 World Cup (quarter final and above else a waste of my time)
  • Talking about World Cup, I want Olympics too. Definitely not when Singapore host it (not like they'll ever get the chance... wait long long)
  • Drive in the Channel Tunnel (in an Aston Martin DB9, have to rent of course)
  • All of Europe (think Eurotrip movie)
  • Greenland, on a ship with an expedition
  • China (seems like every Tom Dick Harry have been there already to buy bootleg stuff)
  • Canada - Yellowknife Aurora Borealis (after watching too much Last Christmas)

Original aurora photo taken by Bernie Surette

  • Lots more!
Won't it be nice to enroll for Amazing Race. Although I won't have the time to enjoy myself at those places with all the rushing here and there. Not to mention the stupid tasks you're subjected to. So what about you? Where would you like to go? What would you like to do?

LAS VEGAS!!! I have always wanted to go there since I was a kid. I am just attracted to the big neon lights! I wanna take a helicopter and fly over Vegas at nite and soak in the lights with a loved one...aaahhh...


me? the seven wonders of the world:
1. grand canyon (been there)
2. Taj Mahal (also been there)
3. 12 apostles (yah yah, been there though i'm not sure if its counted >.<)
4. great wall of China
5. the pyramids
6. Angkor Wat
7. Nigara falls (in US)
8. Stonehenge, Borobudur temple, or the victoria falls (in Zambia/Zimbabwe)

its also part of my life's ambition of see all 7. hee.

Oei, babe, still waiting for you accompany me to Florence and Rome lah.

aaahhh.. I want to go Mekka and Medina again. Peacefully serene, esp Medina.

And also Holywood, to meet Britney Spears. :D

and also to Tangalooma to do sandboarding again!! WHHHEEEEEE!!!

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