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Sunday, October 23, 2005 

Soccer highs and lows

I felt let down by Liverpool's poor performance today. How can they lose to Fulham!!! Maybe if I don't have high expectations I don't feel so disappointed. I don't think I'm obsessed with soccer scores and whether my favorite team wins, however it does make you happy to know your favorite team wins.

So tempted to just get cable to watch soccer only. What a waste of $$$ if I really do that. Cable cost like $49/mth here for the basic package. I could put that $49 for better use. I can watch live matches online anyway.

God bless Internet and technology and p2p. There are p2p internet streaming of cable TV's based around the world, however current ones are mostly in China (I wonder why...). Basically, it operates the same way as a p2p in that you connect to other peers that also want to watch that particular show/channel. The more peers, the faster and the better the quality of the streaming. Coolstreaming was the pioneer in this area till it was shut down due to copyright issues. Up and coming ones include PPLive and Feidian.

If you fulfill the following criteria:

1) Don't want to spend $ on cable coz you won't utilize it
2) Want to watch live or cable shows
3) Have a fast broadband connection (at least 512kbps, optimal preferably 1500kbps)

Then check out PPLive's site (note it's in Chinese). English version available too. Might be slow to load the webpage, so be patient.

i also disappointed. man utd drew with spurs. sianz. (-.-)

ensui: oh i watched it live using pplive. They were showing that match. Draw better than lose @-@

One word. Sianz!~

sidetrack on the soccer bit, you mention about internet and China and stuff?

Did you know people, esp the young adults in China are suffering from Internet addiction? They are having this growing of rehab centres for them now...

no that it matters or relates to the post lah hehehehe :D

rofl... rehab centre for internet addicts? whats the world coming to???

In Korea, where internet broadband penetration rate is the highest, a lot of Koreans also have internet addiction.

I think not too long ago, there's a korean who died playing online games in a lan shop for more than 24hours.

WHAT??!! HE died from an overdose of online games?!!! LOL!!!!

What a way to end your life huh? Gosh! Beats taking drugs man... lol!!!

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