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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 

My virgin post

Ooh ooh my 1st post of this blog. Yes i'm a n00b in this and why did i get persuaded to start this i don't know. Knowing how slack i am in retelling stories etc i guess i won't last 3 weeks from now. Only time will tell. Give me 5 yrs from now (provided blogger didnt delete my account and god forbides any natural disasters to the data center that holds these bits.

So, what should i write about. I could write about my life, what i do etc but that would be too boring. But isnt that what everyone writes too? Upon saying that i do think it'll be interesting to share my life, even though its simple and nothing fancy.

To be realistic, I wont be writing this everyday. Don't expect flowery words. Dont expect great poetry genius. Dont expect anything. Dont expect there not to be grammer mistakes. Dont expect me to reply to each comment, but it doesnt mean i won't read it and appreciate it :D

Now now, all i ask for is anonymity (but if so why am i writing here). Maybe I am vain after all. Confused now? Hopefully you're still with me.

Oh, btw i got 2 free t-shirt today (yes i'm a sucker for t-shirts, especially free ones although my gf promptly reminded me I paid 5 beers for it though in fact it was 7). That cost me about $20 for the 7+ beers so technically in my head the t-shirts are considered free. They only have it in XL, red in colour with 2 guitars in front and the tooheys picture (the beer logo) behind. Back to the beer, the buying part was ok, the drinking part aint. As it happened, you need to get a chop each time you buy a beer. When you get 5 chops = 1 free t-shirt. So you might wonder, how come i only have to pay for 7 beer instead of 10 (in actual fact i only have to pay for 5 beer to get 2 t-shirts, but i'll tell u the story). So i went to the bar counter the 4th time to get my number 5, 6 and 7 beer, this blonde gal wearing that t-shirt that i so sought after happens to be serving me. i approached her with trepidation as i know i'm gonna get my t-shirt. Hooray!! I paid her the $ and pass her the card, she asked "Are you drinking here for the night"? I wonder what kinda question is that but promptly answered "Yes!" as i'm so eager to get the t-shirt. She happily chopped the card and handed me 2 t-shirts. Weeeee!!!! I'm over the moon. So for now I have one extra t-shirt which I can give to someone. ;)

Now you may wonder, what's so big with one t-shirt. I wonder too, but if you're a sucker for t-shirts then you know how i feel. Btw, if you're far from me don't expect me to pay for postage if you get it as a lucky draw prize.

Alrite, that concludes my 1st post. Hopefully I have the motivation to continue further with my rantings (note that doesn't mean I want you to post comments on it, and it also doesn't mean i don't want you to post comments either).

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