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Saturday, October 22, 2005 

Casinos in Singapore by 2009

I'm sure this is a much talked about issue over the last couple of months. Recently, there's a debate of whether to lower the casino entry fee or do away with it. I understand the need to keep the gamblers or Singaporeans from spending their hard-earned dollars.

I think I can understand the need for an entry fee knowing how Singaporeans who are deprive of such facilities in the past will immediately flock to it. However, setting a $100 entry fee is not the solution to the problem. It is a solution nonetheless but not an ideal one and definitely not one to sustain in the long run.

Firstly, $100 ain't going to stop the really compulsive gamblers from gambling. To them, $100 is still cheaper than going overseas to play and their mentality is that they can easily earn back the $100. Secondly, why do we have to restrict people from accessing a facility that is built and paid for by the taxpayers on the reasoning that we're trying to help you? If you're really trying to help, you won't build the casino in the first place.

Gambling has always been an issue everywhere. However, what I am disappointed with is the lack of support or help for those compulsive gamblers in Singapore. Recently, the government has stepped up their drive to educate the public. I think its about time they realize that and remedy the situation.

In the past, there were no avenues of support for people who fall into this category. There are no helplines to assist people with obsessive gambling. There is no public recognition of this wide-spread problem until now.

It is all good to setup up a website for people to get to know more information about problem gambling, and running ads etc to educate the public. However, most Asians have been slow to catch up to the 'I am sick and I need to seek therapy' mentality. A lot of this has got to do with taboo as well as lack of education.

In terms of education, it is good to see ads, talkshows etc to inform the public about the malice of gambling addiction. These targets the current & older generation of our population. What about our young? They should be taught in schools (like maybe start from secondary schools) where teenagers may possibly get exposed to such influences (like gambling or alcohol or drug abuses in the family) affecting their direct family members.

I believe that educating teenagers in recognizing the early signs of addictions can possibly help their parents in early intervention programs. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Of course, the responsibility does not solely rest on the child's shoulders. This is just one of the solutions to the gambling problem. Also, educating the kids on such issues means that as they become adults, they bring with them less social stigma on such subjects and possibly a social structure change where people recognize the need for help and the acceptance that they need help.

A wide-spread education coupled with less social stigma on therapies will definitely help to improve addictions or abuses. When that time comes, I may be more open to the idea of casinos in Singapore.

I've been mulling over this issue as well. The sad fact is that the govt. will simply do what THEY think is "RIGHT". and fuck the rest. AFter all, those jokers that vote won't put THEM out of power. What they fail to see sometimes is that we don't necessarily want the ruling party out. We simply want o them to listen and change if need be. There is an unecessarily adversarial position that they take sometimes. Ala Bush Jr.:"You're either with us, or against us."

and hence we are living under PAP "communist" party...

Can i say that here? eerrrr....

errrr... technically u're anonymous... and technically you're correct to a certain extent too :)

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