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Thursday, October 20, 2005 

Digital cameras & weddings don't mix

Did I say I want to buy a digital camera? I've short listed a couple or rather mainly two. It’s either the Canon Powershot S2 IS or the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5 . Nonetheless, both are equally expensive but I like the features of these two cameras. Basically 12x optical zoom which will allow me to zoom all the way into the block next to me (now what are you thinking). Coming close third is the Sony Cyber-shot H1, the only reason it’s not in my list is it'll burn a HUGE hole in my pocket.

This is how they look like...

I've always wanted to fulfil one of my dreams, which is to own a SLR look-alike camera. I don't care if it doesn't have SLR features like manual settings etc etc as long as it looks like a bloody SLR. The terminology now is DSLR. Although these two cameras still don't belong into that category but for my sanity as well as my pocket's sake I'll persist with it. Ain't they chio? hehe

Anyway, one of the main reasons I'm buying one of these babes is so that I can take pictures of my place and wherever I go. So if one picture = 1000 words then I won't have to write so much. The chance of me getting carpal tunnel syndrome is greatly lessen.

What's happening... everywhere I see and read I see the words WEDDING written all over it. I read blogs, I talk to friends, I see events around and there's always the 7 letter word mentioned around. Is that a sign. As gals always like to say, my biological clock is ticking better hurry! Maybe I should setup a sperm / egg bank targeting middle age customers. Back to that 7 letter word, isn't it happy to see others willing to make that plunge and commit to each other and promises of ever lasting love and companionship.

It sure does take great courage to take that step forward. At least the way I look at it, if something bad happens at least there are two of you to take the shits together. Half the amount of shit is still better than the whole package. I'm in denial and I don't want to talk about this for now. If it comes it comes.

BTW, I should make out a list of things I miss now (not in any particular order).

1) Karaoke-ing with my buddies. Hearing Mata crooning out love songs eeeek! Or worse Green Ogre with his 'melodic' often off key tunes. :p
2) Talking cock
3) Singapore food!!! ARGH!!!
4) All my friends in Singapore
5) My family
6) My cute little cousins
7) Home sweet home
8) Having a direction, a focus where I can drive my energy to. No, not sex but I won't mind more.
9) Sim lim square, being a geek (I don't look like a geek but I do feel like one) and hanging out there
10) Just chilling out with my friends
11) Crowded trains so I can check out gals. Trains here ain't crowded, and nothing to check out.
12) Asian chicks, short supply of this here. That's why I go Chinatown in Sydney.
13) Yum cha, I always miss it even if I go once a week
14) Elaboration of food, chicken rice and carrot cake *sob* *sob*. If only some chinese chef will migrate to Australia, specifically Sydney area *hint* *hint* for those wanna be migrants.
15) Missing out of all the life changing events in Singapore of my friends. Can't be there for them. :(
16) Playing pool with you know who
17) I don't miss my freedom. I'm not complaining...

Oh, Liverpool won their latest match, I'm a happy camper. Although SBS (the sports channel in Australia) kept showing Chelsea matches, its irking me off. I vow to boycott SBS until they show me my favourite team in action.

why u never specially mention that u miss me?? *sulk*
i miss u very much leh ...

I shy mah, later Mr Boyfriend jealous :)

heee ... mr boyfriend don't read blogs one. and mr boyfriend doesn't get jealous. At all. Damn it.

Hey, nice post. I know what you mean about the digital cameras. Men just love our toys. I want to buy iPod nano!

Adrienne: I MISS YOU!!! Pray hard this doesn't spread around

Orge: iPod nano scratches easily. Knowing you, with your fat fingers and clumsy butt you'll squash/scratch your nano in record time

welcome to the world of blogging. u are the last person i would expect to blog...hahaha...

its really nice to read friends' blog cos there are some things which are much easier being express through writing.

gosh i miss you buddy. i did not really say thank you to you for putting up with me for a month or so before i left gong. i miss us hanging out. i miss your crappiness!!! hahahha...

BTW, i hope my LAN cable is still around in your house.

lol... yah lor, i agree with flowerger, i least expect you to blog lor. at least you admit that you are slack in the first post. >.<

remember the romantic eating of ice-cream by the beach? lol...

flowerger/ensui: err yah peer pressure lor what to do. Friends back home want to know what i'm up to. Decided this is the best way to go.

flowerger: Since when you so mushy. eeek. Doesn't fit your image.

ensui: Noo!!! Why must you mention that ice-cream episode. So pathetic, so small ice-creams. to be frank, i eat already also not shiok.

neh neh!!!!! finally you're blogging! eh, get the lumix! it's good!

beck: Yeah I'm tending towards the lumix after I've checked out canon's pricing. I can save almost S$150. But but the canon nice too...

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