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Saturday, October 29, 2005 

Thank God It's Weekend!

But darn I lost this post that I was writing. Not happy! Next time I think I'll use the Word to write instead of this stupid blogger window. Anyway, I'm going for a house cooling party of a friend of mine. She's leaving the unit she's stayed in for about 2-3 years. I know of house warming but house cooling? Hmm... Guess its an excuse to meet up with everyone and anyone who's going and also to have a bit of a social life. Lol!

She stays near the beach, which is aptly named North Beach coz its North of the city. Err, for those having exams tough luck. Go study ah! I have fun on your behalf. Don't worry, those who're finishing this year we go chiong after your exams.

We're having pot luck. So Caroline (friend of gf) and gf is cooking Vietnamese rolls and sushi. Me being Chef Yan's disciple (self acknowledged), I thought I'll give them tips and occasional food testing. Well, its their classmate's party, I'm just tagging along for the booze. Just kidding.

Anyway I thought ok the 1st rule of cooking, you must be in a happy mood. So I fire up my PC with my mp3s and start being the in-house DJ. I was churning out the Australia Top 20. Hopefully, the food's as good as the Australian Top 20 Charts. There I was churning out music and they're churning out food by the dozens (not literally but for effect else you won't read this would you?). From time to time, I get called into action to cool the sushi rice, sharpen the sushi knife, cut the prawns into half, clear the table for them to put stuff, grins in their eyes that I am doing the washing etc etc. Hmm.. I wasn't exactly the Chef, but I feel that I still contribute to the taste of the food.

I'll update later after I taste it. Fingers crossed I don't get diarrhoea. Fingers crossed I don't get sanctioned by gf for writing this. Internet is free speech after all.

you just love digging your grave, dun you? rofl...

u mention booze inside, and i was wondering why the aussie guys here like to drink so much????

everyweek i see dozens of beer at the dustbin.. gosh... not gd you noe...

In australia, booze is cheaper than coke. So why not.

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