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Sunday, October 30, 2005 

Thank God It's Still Weekend!

Ok, there were not that many booze as I expected yesterday but nonetheless still some. There were Kilkenny, white wines and that's about it for alcohol. Better than none. Food wise there were bruschetta, dips, chips, ricotta cheese & spinach pies, sushi, Vietnamese rolls, tim sums etc.
Pretty good although I didn't get to eat a lot. Maybe coz I was paiseh (Singaporean term for shy). Nay, I think its got to do with the place. Its a studio apartment so imagine 14 people squeezing into one room. It makes a hell of a heck orgy + sizzling hot temperature coz only 2 windows are open. Throw in a bed, a couch, a study table, 3 cupboards, 2 chairs and lounge table; you can imagine the mess. Luckily the kitchen is in a small narrow lane by itself (still messy btw).

After chatting with the host, I know the reason why she's moving out and rightly so. She stays on the 3rd floor (in Singapore terms coz in Australia ground means 1st floor) and she's got a nice view out of her window. For the past few months, some developer started building an apartment next across to her view.

For one, the view is gone (or going real soon), for another its coz of the lack of privacy. While she's practicing salsa dancing at home with her friends, they close their blinds (not fully) so that no one can peek in. Apparently through that 10 inches of open view, the sick peek-a-boos from the construction site were checking them out. Sitting on the pylons and ogling at their dancing. hehe. I suppose if I were in their position I would do that too. But in this scenario, its my friend who's suffering from the invasion of privacy so I have to side with her.

Another reason (and I think its mainly this) is the new place she's moving into is a house that is just ACROSS the beach. Essentially, from her house, there's the road, then its the beach. HOW KEWL! She's staying with a housemate who's got a dog, so she can walk the dog everyday at the beach. She can watch sunrise and smell the fresh air everyday. Won't you like that?

Now I know why she's moving! Okie, if she's going to have a house warming party and if my camera arrives in time, I shall take a picture and share with you all. I'm jealous. I don't see beach/sea views but the good thing is my work place is just 10 mins walk away. Can't complain. Give me a few months more and I'll get sick of it. Hehe, by then who knows I might stay up in the mountains.

And why do they call daylight savings so? I don't save an hour? I just lost one. How unkewl! Oh summer is coming, cockroaches have come, spiders have come, flies have come, and so has my insecticide spray. Muahahahaha! I just sprayed one girl palm sized spider to death last night. More to come and more shall perish but insecticide spray rulez!

I am going to have a cuppa genmaicha (Jap green tea with popped rice) & maybe catch some more Simpons season 16. Now if you would excuse me and you have a lovely weekend too.

hi.. this is quite a weird question, but do i know you? I realise you have put a link to my blog...

steph: lol, u know me lah! you blur blur! who else u know downunder? :p

wow!! salsa dancing!! but i like the RUUUUMMMMMBAA!! the dance of lovvveee!! fweee weeettt!!!!

eh i happen to know ALOT of ppl down under ok.... so reveal urself mate!

Heh. I'd like a beachfront house too.

ogre: maybe we can share an investment. That might be when we're old and haggard where hopefully we hv shitloads of $. lol!

With you? Anyday man.

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