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Monday, October 31, 2005 

Melbourne Cup Day (tomorrow)

Work was eventful today. Went into office and found that the air-con was down. How do you expect people to work in Africa like temperatures and expect us to wear long sleeve shirts? Naturally this turns me off work. To top it off, tomorrow is Melbourne Cup Day (or informally known as a bludging day for every Aussie as they'll be tuned in at around 3pm AEST).

Now what's this gotta do with tomorrow's work you may ask. As a social event at work, we're all required to dress like Melbourne Cup wannabes. So for the guys we're gonna have to wear shirts + tie + suits (I don't care, I'm definitely not wearing a suit. Crazy!). For the ladies, colourful dresses and floppy hats. I wonder would they provide champagne at work? Mind you its the atmosphere.

I suppose Melbourne Cup's got a rich history and something to take us off work is always good. Plus if you like betting and you fancy your luck, you can bet a couple of dollars (point here for tips on favourites and here to bet). Who knows, you might be the next millionaire and if you do don't forget I gave you this lobang (also known as opportunity).

Too bad Melbourne Cup Day is not a public holiday in the state of NSW. Why can't they standardise the holidays so everyone here gets a holiday too. *Sheesh!* I just hope the air-con works tomorrow, else.......

They should get the guys to wear colourful shirts and floopy hats too. It'll be so farnie. hahah ...

adrienne: eeee, no no cannot. So ugly. Gals and horses are the attraction. Guys must wear stylo milo not colourful stuff.

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