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Monday, October 31, 2005 

Bart the plagiariser

Quote: "I always believe what won't kill you will make you stronger". This has been validated with the Simpons episode I watched today. Its about Bart getting obese and getting a heart attack. After the ordeal, he was nonchalantly saying that exact phrase. How coincidence. Or maybe one of you whom I shared this with leaked it to Fox.

Talking about Simpsons, due to the lack of meaningful cartoons here I have to resort to watching Simpsons. Not that I don't enjoy it. A round of binge Simpsons sure does you good. I still remember when I was in Adelaide (yonks ago) where fox cable was showing Simpsons for 24 hours a day for one entire month. That's OD for you... Actually after that I'm still watching Simpsons. Maybe they ARE that addictive.

Somehow I find Simpsons so different to south park. I enjoy south park too but its different in its way. More direct, more bashful and outright sick. But no where as sustainable as Simpsons (judging by its season 17 run). Now I just have to find my Simpsons season 1 and I'll be a happy camper.

i know! i used to watch Simpsons everyday too when i was in aussie. Probably cos there aren't much selection then. hahah ... but i highly enjoyed it and it's something that i actually miss.

Well, I think the Simpsons and Southaprk are both funny, though in different ways. You should watch Happy Tree Friends.

adrienne: yup the free tv selection very very poor. Even though there's more channels here but variety sucks.

ogre: yup i watched happy tree friends. Sick to the guts and catchy tune. maybe u should show adrienne happy tree friends. la la la la la, la la la la la. lol!

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