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Thursday, February 08, 2007 


I reckon a lot of people are all action and no talk. Take Singaporeans for example, they whine a lot and talk a lot of cock but when it comes to concrete actions it's like "chasing the dragon". Granted not all Singaporeans behave this way but looking at how people say they want to do this do that and nothings been done irks me big time. Granted also I've been in that boat before so I won't criticise too much of "no action talk only" or what my sergeant in army used to say NATO!

That's why I admire those who talk the talk and walk the walk.

Well, Talk is free so lots of people do that. Action, on the hand, needs effort, so not a lot of people do that. :p

Talk is cheap. We've listed you at http://harro.com.

Now that is ACTION. :)


haha NATO. I like that.

Ron, read my blog. I've "tagged" you. :)

I am a Chinese Malaysian who emigrated to New Zealand four years ago. I love Malaysia and I remember my times in the 'kampung' in Seremban where we (Chinese, Indians and Malays) used to play football together.

At 15 in 1976, I applied to join the Royal Military College (RMC). I was the school soccer captain, had a distinction in Bahasa Malaysia (this was not common then) and excellent academic results. I was prepared to be soldier, to die for my country. However, I was rejected by RMC. I was too young to know the reason then.

I continued with my schooling at the same school, finished my Upper Six and was offered a Bachelors course in University Malaya and also at University of Singapore. I chose the latter because that was the defining moment for me when I first felt the effect of the NEP policy.

I finished my Masters in Law, and came back to Malaysia in the 90s. That is when I began to see all the segregation of the races and the true impact of the NEP policy.

I see the corrupt ministers, the discriminatory practices of government departments and institutions, the insults hurled at the Chinese, the Kampung Medan riots blamed on the Indians, the numerous police abuses, etc.

Still I believed things would change for the better eventually. But for a decade, I saw the non-malays being marginalised, MCA and MIC are no longer able to sit on the same table with Umno as equal partners.

Umno can make racist comments and need not apologise. That is when the moronic Hisham with his keris comes to mind. In which developed country is a political leader allowed to play racial politics and threaten another community with impunity?

Everyday, I read the same comments about the situation in Malaysia, the non-malays wishing for a Malaysian Malaysia.

If you want the situation to change, do something about it. Why keep the racist Barisan Nasional in power? If you keep voting them in, you deserve what you are getting now. Stand up, exercise your voting rights.

My children are the third generation in my family having to go through this NEP crap, hence I decided to leave Malaysia.

I had a choice, I exercised it, I emigrated for the simple reason that I don't feel safe anymore in Malaysia and I do not wish my children to undergo the discriminatory practices in Malaysia. In New Zealand, minorities like me are protected.

I am free to say what I want, and everything is on merit. I have no complaints even though I miss Malaysia. Have a look at how Muslims (a minority) are treated here and maybe Malaysia authorities may learn how to treat its minority races better.

I yearn for the old days when my old football team existed without consideration of color, race or religion.

That said, I doubt Malaysia will be the same as in the 70s as long as the Barisan Nasional race-based parties are in power. So exercise your rights Malaysians, you have to take the risk of voting for an alternative government.

Let me be the first to tell you that Singapore is not a perfect society. But in Malaysia, we are citizens but still treated like second class citizens, right!

Let me be honest with you. I am better off in Singapore as a PR than as a Malaysian. In the 10 years I am in Singapore, nobody has told me to get lost and I have never felt like a second class citizen despite being a PR. In Malaysia, you know the story.

I feel so let down to know that Singapore treats us better than our own country. What a shame! Ask any other Malaysians living in Singapore and they will tell you the same.

If I am given a choice to serve in the army of Singapore or my own country Malaysia, I would have no problem choosing Singapore despite you claming it is unfair (and you maybe right too).

Why? Do you think the Malaysia government cares for me to putting my life on the line for the country? Let us be honest.

Like I said, Singapore is not perfect, but it is anytime better than living in Malaysia.

While Singapore government is sincere and doing all the right things, saying all the right things, in contrast, we can't say the same about Malaysia government, filled with hypocrites who only sing song, nice racial harmony song on certain occasions, the once in a year Merdeka speech, in general elections vote-fishing speeches, that is all.

And talks are cheaper than bull shit, or dinosaur shit for sure. Cause on many other occasions, during Umno assembly, meetings in kampung etc, we see the apes come out of their cages, instigating hatred, this is our land, waving keris, we are the tuan, we deserve this and that, we need to be strong so that other races won't get to take advantage of our weaknesses, blah blah blah……….no more Chinese schools, no more funding, blah blah blah. Same old shit from the same old clan of monkeys.

Open your eyes, go and live in Singapore for a few years, then you will feel differently perhaps.

On the surface, Singapore government is doing everything right to forge racial harmony, that is important, because perception is everything.

In Malaysia, we have all the opposite. That is the difference. Big difference. Big mama difference. Huge difference.

When I first lived in Singapore, I had the mentality of a "Malaysian".

Guess what? I now don't think like that. Every time, you hear a speech given by the Singapore prime minister, you know he is speaking from his heart and that matters.

I am a very skeptical person and it is very hard to buy me over unless you are speaking the truth. Do you know the government tells all their citizens in their national day rally speech to welcome us foreigners?

I personally admire the Singapore government, they actually walk the talk, really! I can see this with my own eyes! Nothing is more convincing than this. As for our Malaysia politicians, all they care is their bloody self (MCA, MIC, Umno) and their hoodlums.

The large publics of Chinese, Indians and Malays have to fend for ourselves. Why should I go back to Malaysia if I believe I have a better life in Singapore! I don't want my kids to grow up in an environment where they are told there is a distinction between malays and non-malays. Think about this!

This is my personal answer. The 10 years of being happy in Singapore is nowhere compared to the 30 years of rubbish I have got from Malaysia as a non-malay.

I will pass you my Malaysian passport next year (hope you are happy now).

Yup right, what an irony, I am willing to die for Singapore being a PR and not for Malaysia being a citizen. That shows much we feel we belonged in Malaysia.

In 1994, I tried to apply a scholarship in Malaysia but I couldn't get it due to the impartial system albeit I desperate for a scholarship as I was very poor. I tried to re-appeal but to no avail.

Fortunately, Singapore had offered me a scholarship and I was in fact forced to leave Malaysia no matter how reluctant I was.

Having stayed in Singapore for 10 years now. I salute the Singapore government for its efficiency. Whatever promises they make to the citizens, all will be materialised. This country practises meritocracy and if you capable and work hard, you will definitely be able to hold high post regardless of race.

I agree that Singapore is not a perfect country but it treats everyone in Singapore fairly whereby there is no discrimination at all.

On the contrary, Malaysia marginalises the non-malays which ultimately will have great impact on itself. I believe eventually Malaysia will lose (already lost) the competitive edge in which all the capable and smart non-malays will leave to other countries.

It is no doubt our Malaysia education system is getting down the drain as almost all the key posts are filled with all the cronies who are incapable and apple polisher. Besides, lots of our ministers act like an uncivilised person and speak with no substance.

We have already suffered a high level of brain drain - a lot of Malaysians have left for greener pastures in Australia, Singapore etc. Some of these are my friends and they are very happy where they are.

These are people whom others recognized as huge contributors not only to the company they are working with, but the country as well.

Imagine how great Malaysia would have been, if these people are working in Malaysia, and contributing to the growth here.

A lot of non-malays are feeling the pinch of staying in this Malaysia country, especially when our politicians are becoming more confident about being louder and vocal at being racist to win more votes.

But I have heard very few Singaporeans saying they would prefer Malaysia. I know - I was there for about 10 years.


5 of my closest friends who are highly qualified professionals in the IT, electronics and business areas are overseas doing very well indeed in Singapore, Mainland China, Canada, Australia.

All except for one started working in Malaysia and subsequently left. The one that didn't come back was because he started university late, and I told him not to return after realising the molasses we are in.

I didn't feel the need to get a PR somewhere as my job afforded me to travel often to make some extra do for a living. However, I believe it is time I join my friends in being able to have a 'Plan B' in the form of a PR in another country while my age and qualifications still affords to give qualifying points.

Goodness knows that while another May 13 or Indonesia riot may not happen, the country sure will not support the bringing up of a family in a conducive manner.

Better be a 'second class' citizen in countries that have no official policies for racism than in a country to be of 'equal citizenship' but with policies openly for racism. How do you explain to your kid that while you are equal, somebody else is more equal than you!


No surprising with such emotion running high: More to emigrate. This is brain drain. Bolehland has no vision for its all people except for the Umno malays.

Who not afraid of the keris waving politician? Even my malay classmate emigrated to New Zealand recently, sick of the polemics and the politicising of religion here, good thing got money shall travel, no money no talk.

Should have left 10 years ago when I saw that we have no equal opportunities. But I hesitated and said there will be a change when Badawi takes over. Well! Guess that was not the case. It got worse and the future of Malaysia is bleak!

Pack my back and left the place to look for better opportunities and fight on merits. I am better off in Australia than the "Dark Hole" of Malaysia. At least you get respected for your recognition and skill. In Malaysia, how good you are is always a second class citizen. No promotion for us but their own kind.

NEP to malays is like drug to drug addicts. Once they started to taste it, they will never let go till they die. Tough they all know very well NEP is just like drug, not good for them in the long run, but they can't resist the short term temptation and fall deeper and deeper into the abyss of NEP.

Since now, the NEP had become Never Ending Policy, the little hope of getting out of the NEP drug will dismiss and leading to the destruction of the malays. By then maybe all the able non-malays had already emigrated to greener pasture in overseas. I forecast 2020 year is the doom day. Thanks to selfish Umno malays.

We are at our own liberty not to live in this controversial country. The government does not discourage us to leave this country. For Chinese and Indians, Malaysia perhaps is not a good place to stay because your mother countries to with China and India are now thriving. Just leave malays to manage their own country. Let Malaysia ruin with the malays.

The Chinese culture is compatible to other cultures in the world. The Chinese will have no problem adapt to other cultures in the world. There are many China Towns in overseas countries. So the Malaysian Chinese will feel at home wherever they go.

Real sick and tired of all these Umno babiputras, the sob in Malaysia Umno babiputras!

Yes, the only realistic proposition is encourage all Chinese to emigrate to Singapore and leave Malaysia for the malays. Trouble is Singapore is so small, its land mass will not allow a huge population to live in the island.

So next choice for the Chinese to emigrate is to Australia and New Zealand. The exodus has begun. Those who can afford now have started to go. The signs are already there.

There is no future in this country anymore. In a few years time this country will be in ruins when the oil money runs dry. FDI has already dry up and gone to other countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Foreign factories have closed shop migrated to China and India.

Chinese planning to emigrate should also consider option to return to China. Some of my friends when to invest there and within a few years become millionaires. There is much more opportunities and being Chinese there shouldn't be any problem.

By my own experience I can tell you that it is great being a new citizen in Singapore. You are judged by what you can contribute and not but some NEP policies.

The education in Singapore is also about the best in the world. Yes, even the educators from the native English-speaking countries adopt how mathematics and science are taught here.

Best of all, every time you cross the causeway to visit Malaysia you are rewarded by at least 2 or 3 times in your spending capability.

Oops……….now that this is happening, in the next 5 - 10 years, Malaysia will end up looking like the Philippines, where their main export is maids. Lack of income from tax, will see economy melt down. Skilled professionals all fled from the country.

Yes and having lived overseas, I have a nice bird's eye view of how Malaysia is heading towards the sewers.

Malaysia has spent the last 3 decades focusing on physical infrastructure without developing the human capital. Never mind the restrictions and stifling of independent minds - let us not even go there yet.

Let us start with basic education and providing of higher education opportunities for the best and brightest. We have cultivated at least 2 generations of dumbass.

Too many unqualified malays have been force fed into colleges and universities and the end result is you have the same bunch of witless village idiots, except now they are holding a piece of paper they don't know what to do with. A minority is absorbed back into the tertiary education system……….no prizes for guessing what that has caused over the last 30 years.

For the majority remaining, real world corporations wouldn't even hire them if they offered to work for free. So you have a bunch of jobless numbskulls who think they are too good for the common labor jobs, which they would have ended up in anyways given their aptitude and qualification, and desire a pen-pushing corporate position (if they could push that pen to string one coherent sentence in English, that would be another thing).

So we bring in all sorts of foreign labors to do our work for us, and we have a youth bulge of unemployable (and grossly unqualified) graduates walking around with a sense of entitlement.

Sounds familiar? It should. This is what is happening in the Middle East.

This trend towards greater Islamic extremism is also no coincidence. It is merely the natural path of development that a failed society embarks upon.

The malays have failed. Plain and simple. Their policies stink, they have screwed themselves more than they have others, in fact. The only reason the shit hasn't hit the fan sooner is because, like their desert co-religionists, they have petroleum propping them up.

That will go soon……….not totally, but it won't be at the present rate it props the country up. And it is closer than you think.

Those who can should emigrate and get the hell out - and that includes our malay brothers and sisters who have the means to. When the dust settles, no amount of cyber cities, longest bridges and tallest buildings, are going to save you from the disaster of a fourth world country that is being developed.

I am one of the cows applying for migration. How do I feel? I feel that the world is my home. If I am not treated well here, I will go to another country.

It is not about fighting for the country or fighting for the world. I am fighting for a better life and that is what everyone craves for.

Anyway why limit ourselves to one country when we can explore to other places. We only leave once, make the best out of it.

Well, the most popular countries to emigrate are Australia, New Zealand and USA. For those who wanted to emigrate to any of these countries and not prepare to pay the extra migration agent fees should consider apply themselves, it is not difficult as long as you meet the respective country criteria.

I know because I am an migrant myself and I helped my friends to emigrate to all those countries in the past three years.

From those who already exited ~ Good riddance to bad BN governance.

At that time - Good people emigrated. Bad rubbish stayed to rubbish the country. Imagine if more good people emigrate. The country will become a rubbish dump.

The criminals had achieved their objectives to drive away, not only decent, good, hardworking and talented people, but also foreign investors and tourists which the country rely upon to create job and wealth.

This is entirely true. Most of the Chinese professionals I know are selling their businesses and properties in preparation of the big exodus. It may happen next year or after 2008 depending on the results of the next election. The decision would be easy - if Badawi stays, we go. Period.

A time when Malaysians make their exit, we have scores of illegal immigrants coming in and getting easy PR. Conclusion, a truly half past six country in the making. Bunch of traitors selling their country for a fast gain.

Countries that attract and retain the most talented people prosper and surge ahead in the economic race. The losing ones grounded bitterly and blame everyone else except themselves. Sad to say, we are in the later category.

From being better than Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and many more, we are now nowhere near these countries level. Notice our sub-standard leaders now only compare Malaysia to developing countries? Looks like very soon we cannot even compare to a country like Vietnam.

What losing means to ordinary Malaysians? We have to pay much higher proportion of our income for almost everything; food, petrol, toll, etc. That is reality! Not a state of mind.

People emigrate for numerous reasons under various categories for emigration - business, family reunion, skills including chef and plumber, and etc.

The present circumstances are mainly due to criminals inciting hatred and violence, racial and religious intolerance, and the lost of confidence and trust in the government to promptly tackle gross abuses and excesses, rampant corruption and turn the country around.

The fact that people emigrate for the above reasons speaks volume of the government failure to take proper care of the country and its decent and hardworking ordinary people.

Malaysia is indeed a hopeless nation, I would be glad if Malaya is to continue under the British rule. This leader of us is really pushing the country down day by day, you could read in the news that (looting) and I have never heard of this when we were ruled by the British.

I am going to hand over my blue IC today, is a shame to hold one.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish" indeed, but I believe it is the exodus groups who will be saying it to the lame government!

Well, NEP actually is not that bad for non-malays after all. Everything has its cons and pros. 10 years ago, thanks to NEP, I was rejected by UM when I applied for engineering course. I was admitted to NUS of Singapore instead for engineering course.

Today, I can proudly say that I was graduated from a top 10 university in the Asia. If I were to admit to UM 10 years ago, today I might be too ashamed to tell people that I had graduated from UM.

For those talented non-malays, looks global if Malaysia does not welcome you. Be farsighted, be realistic and look beyond Malaysia, nobody in Malaysia appreciate your patriotism.

I graduated from NUS since I was abandoned by UM and now I am working in a MNC in Singapore. I doubt I can find any job back in Malaysia with the same pay and job satisfaction.

I have a cousin who just graduated from a USA university and immediately offered a job with US$5000, which is RM18000, almost equal our PM Badawi's pay.

You see, your future is brighter every way you go if you are talented, why restrict yourself to Malaysia who does not welcome you! You will be rotten fast staying put here.

If we look at history, a country who did not cherish its talents sure will not going any way except doom. Sad to say Malaysia never learns from the history and repeating the same mistake again.

With the current rate of brain drain, one day the local talents will be dried up. No foreign company will want to invest in a country where they had difficulty hiring employees especially in high tech area.

Soon all those companies left behind are purely agriculture or which rely on Malaysia's natural resources. Malaysia is going to nowhere if the existing policy is not changed. Vision 2020 is only remaining a dream, I can guarantee you with 99% confident.

My company is a USA MNC operating in Singapore. We have a design center here, half of whose employees are Malaysians. We had also a few factories in Johor Bahru, Melaka as well as Penang.

Based on the high percentage of Malaysian employees, if my company will to operate in Malaysia, the operating cost could be more than half. But my company still stay put in Singapore. Why? Mainly due to government policy.

Firstly the NEP, secondly they can't find enough talented local to fill in the position. At the end, my company is moving the low value added, low wage manufacturing job to Malaysia partly because of cheap labour and land cost.

If it is not due to its proximity to Singapore (near to design center), the manufacturing will be moved to Vietnam long time ago. Thus, this is why Singapore per capital is 3X Malaysia. How can Malaysia improve its GDP with only attracting low wage manufacturing job!

Malaysia once is competing with Singapore for foreign investment but not anymore. Now with China, India, Thailand, even Vietnam catching up and opening up fast, Malaysia is competing with these countries for low wage manufacturing job.

With the NEP and other policy, soon Malaysia is losing a tougher war (Vietnam's labour and land is even cheaper than Malaysia). This is why many MNC like Intel had moved their manufacturing site to Vietnam from Malaysia. This is fact and it is happening now, if the government does not do anything, that is it for Malaysia.

This is the con of NEP. But this NEP thing will never diminish the talented mind of non-malays. The more the discrimination, the more non-malays will look for other way to flourish.

UM is like a terminally ill patient and it is beyond cure, there is no point crying over spilled milk. One day, UM will be like the government primary school, abandoned by non-malays.

If there is no opportunity for non-malays in Malaysia, they will look beyond Malaysia, believe me, as a non-malay, if you can survive the harsh discriminative condition in Malaysia, you can flourish and survive any places in this world.

As I said before, NEP is just like a drug for the malays, it can bring short term satisfaction to the malays. Everybody including malay knows that this drug is not good for long term but the malays got so addicted that they can not live without it anymore.

But on the other hand, for the non-malays, the NEP had caused some short term unhappiness but this will not harm them for the long term, they will study harder, work harder, and get better result, survive anyway in the global world.

The non-malays had becoming stronger eventually while the malays will become weaker and weaker until one day, they will not be able to survive in the global world. One very good example is our national car, Proton.

Exodus of Malaysian professionals simply means outflow of monetary capital as well as human capital.

The winners of this scenario are the smart countries like Singapore, Australia and the US. By making it safe, clean and having equal opportunity for all to develop their potential to the fullest, maintaining the good governance of the country, they are able to skim off the cream of our country in terms of skill people, professional and the capital.

Not every person could emigrate; the host country would pick and choose to ensure these emigrants are useful for them; unfortunately more often than not, these people are usually wealth creator or productive people who are actually badly needed by our own country.

Once these people are already out, it would be very difficult to get them back simply because we no longer could afford to get them back. These people include non-malays and malays simply for economics reason.

The economics force seeks to its own equilibrium like water flows to a lower point and man tries to go to the highest point. All the money, legal or illegal flow to this heaven perceived to be safe and the nearest one is Singapore.

Though there is ample of land in Australia, yet the property prices shoot rocket high because it is perceived as one of the few safe places in the world that one's generation could live well.

That makes the cost of migration heavy this day. The earlier one could migrate the better he would be. After all, the ringgit is shrinking day by day. In that sense, we already lose points in this competitive globalize market in securing useful productive people.

For an individual migrant, he is also a winner. Take an example of a family of three kids which emigrated to Australia in 1990. The price of the property has gone up five to six times. At the end of the day, the family has gained:

1. The children are PR automatically and enjoy equal employment opportunity with the Aussies in an income of 1:10 ratio compared to their counterparts in Malaysia.

2. Saving over a million ringgit in education fees over the three kids who are now professionals trained up by the Aussie land.

3. No doubt income tax is high, but one is guaranteed with unemployment benefit, medical and educational facility just in case.

Economics reasons dictate everything and forget about the patriotism. Just don't make people laugh!

We had sometime ago this Malaysian politician caught in the Brisbane carrying bags full of millions money trying to snatch properties there, and one prominent lady politician also was (not sure is still is) PR of Australia.

These so-called leaders are actually busy striping off country assets and busily shipping them to places like Singapore or Australia. They don't really care for the people but their own pockets, and when this is challenge by the people, the racial card is frequently produced to shut the people up.

How many times we have been threaten by the saying of the May 13, the infamous keris wielding, and the disturbance of hornet nest!

At least the emigrants and their descendents are earning honest money and contributing national building to their host countries simply because they are grateful to them. They don't waste time in arguing how to divide a shrinking cake like in Bodohland.

To those who are qualified to emigrate, the destiny is at your own hand, make your choice. It is entirely your own right to seek a better place for you and your family in this world.

Yes, if you take up a two years vocational course in New Zealand, your family could follow you to go while you could work there after finishing studies. It is not difficult to study, then work and get a PR in New Zealand.

Basically, Indian and Chinese and other ethnic groups in Malaysia are peaceful, hardworking excel, economically and academically.

The presently ruling party does not appreciate for what non-malays have done. Even Oxford graduate like Khairy said Penang businesses have been dominated by non-malays. He thought setting up businesses is free and running it also easily.

Why doesn't he set up in Penang many businesses like motor and car workshops, supermarkets, sundry shops, saloons, real estates agency, electrical chain shops, etc……….?

Those who could emigrate just emigrate. Nothing is wrong. Survival of the fittest meaning - if you don't like to stay on in Malaysia. Just go. Go where you like if you are mobile and a professional.

Those who are less fortunate, they have to stay back and fight economically and to survive in this. They are still many non-malay politicians in this country who would still do their work peacefully for people without showing sword or keris.

There are still kind opposition parties members who dare to risk their lives to report to the passive and inefficient Malaysia police to 'sedition'. All these opposition parties members do not want to see racial riot again to happen. So, they have done a good and brave job to upkeep peace in Malaysia.

It does not matter if you are younger or over 30 years old, sell your house, car and pool all money to go to New Zealand. This country would welcome immigrants who have skilled. Their immigration department has not mentioned about age limit. In Australia, to migrate based on skill is below 45 years old.

If you have vocational qualification, you could also work in New Zealand. If you do not have qualification, study vocational certificate would be the shortcut and good prospect due to shortage of skills there.

But those who has money like A$700000, you could put this money into Australia government bond and earn interest while you would get a provisional business visa (leading to PR) to live and work and study in Australia for whole family. So, send your money to Australia if you have that amount! Age is not a problem for this business visa.

So, send your money out and retire in Australia is a good option for your children education - universities in Australia are good ranking and fair.

It is easy to get PR in New Zealand. Once you have got a PR of New Zealand, you could always to Australia.

In New Zeland and Australia, you could work full time during holiday and during school days, you could work part time.

Yes, go to enroll a vocational course like mechanic, electrician, air-con etc. You could always work part time during study days. During long holiday, go to work full and collect money.

Even if you work part time in New Zealand, your total monthly salary would still higher than you would get in Malaysia. So, go for it!

Pool money to show you are going to study for first year. If English is a problem, study English as a start for several months there before starting vocational course.

Vocational qualification is high demanded in New Zealand and Australia.

You just need to pool (sell your property or borrow) first year money to study in New Zealand. New Zealand has a lower living cost and you just need to have a vocational certificate to work in New Zealand and lead to permanent resident. You could also bring your family members who might be able to work there too.

Yes, work overseas, so that less paying taxes to Malaysia government.

Yes, send your children to study overseas, after all local public universities are of low ranking. At least send your children to Singapore universities which are of higher ranking.

But in New Zealand, you don't need to study university to work and stay on. Just choose vocational course. Send this info to all your friends.

It is easy to work in New Zealand and Australia now. Those who have the below could apply visa to work in New Zealand and Australia quite easy.

1. Nurse
2. IT
3. Engineering degrees
4. Doctor
5. Almost all vocational, trade or polytechnic certificates
6. Accountant (ACCA degree from New Zealand or Australia)

Salary is often higher than you could get in Malaysia for any jobs. In New Zealand, minimum wage is NZ$45000 per year while in Australia is about A$39000 per year.

Be prepared to sit for IELTS. You just need to send your transcript for assessment and have IELTS to apply visa. You could sit for International English Language Test System at British Council.

For those who are without qualification, just go to New Zealand is the best option because of lower living cost and enroll for vocational course would qualify to work and to residency.

When you get New Zealand residency, you could always go to Australia to work.

Opposition could start this campaign by reusing the independent university fund. Select some poor students to study in New Zealand and Australia. Lobby those Chinese conglomerates to donate to the trust fund.

Hope those entrepreneurs would each one considers to sponsor one non-malay guy or girl to study in New Zealand or Australia. Condition must be from poor family and none of their family members have studied in New Zealand or Australia or elsewhere.

In this way after graduating, this young man or girl could work there (should be the job on demand occupation list). Then after graduating so, this young man or girl could apply for PR there and have family bridging to bring their family to go over there.

Yes, crime is on the rise in Malaysia couple with millions of illegal immigrants and previously admitted immigrants from neighbouring country (many of them carry red identity cards).

So, plan well and if you possess vocational, university or polytechnic degree, you could easily apply for work visa to work in New Zealand (no age mentioned) or Australia (provided under 45 years old).

It is worth to sacrifice ourselves to protect our loved one (family members, good friends and relatives). This mean, go to work and raise our young child or children in an unbiased country and safer country like New Zealand. At least Australia has anti discrimination law and if you excel academically, you would get the course you would like to have.

A good friend who emigrated used to tell me that he has better things to do with his life rather than to stick around in Malaysia with those 'worms' - used to argue with him, as I was sure I wanted to return to Malaysia.

Presently although I remain a Malaysian, I have better things to do with my life now that I am a faculty member in a Japanese university - have pretty much lost hope in that the worms will rot away but instead they got worse……….move on, fellow Malaysians, to new grounds where you can excel and be happy. Malaysia is sinking and there is not much one can do about it.

I have a Sikh lady friend who emigrated this month (for good) to the US to start her own business with her husband who is also a Malaysian. She is a graduate and a consultant by profession. What a loss. It just bleeds my heart.

I am soon going to give up my Malaysian passport and my Malaysian IC. Why should I even fight when my hands are tied behind my back with ISA? What is there to fight for when where is left of Malaysia being after raped and pillaged by politicians? How can my voice be heard when the phantom voters out number my vote?

If you think I am ungrateful, go ahead. If you think I am a traitor, by all means. When 20 years down the road, I can see that my kids has all the opportunity in the world to do what they love, I am satisfied. Right now, I do not see Malaysia as the place that can give me that opportunity.

Plus: being a capitalist pig and a selfish person I am, it is cheaper for me right now to change to Australian citizenship than to update my Malaysian passport.

Yes, most of my colleagues and business friends are making preparations to emigrate. With their excellent professional qualifications they will have no problem going anywhere.

Yes, the mass exodus have begun, I don't think our leaders will change. The future for non-malays here are bleak. Our forefathers came here with only the clothes on their back. Our Chinese people are hard working people. No matter where we go we will survive and excel.

So, good luck to all non-malays planning to leave. Let us give 100% equity of Malaysia to the malays. They need it, especially the Umno malays.

I had made a survey of friends - the answer is very straight cut, i.e. try to advise the younger generations to leave Malaysia - definitely the coming generation of the Chinese will suffer. Some even said it is better to go back to colonial time if allowed rather than ruling by people who are stupid than us.

On issues of all national importance, there is almost a non-existent response from the leaders of the Gerakan and MCA. How true. They are actually the puppets whose strings are firmly attached to the malay Umno.

It is true what the ex-PM Dr Mahathir has been proclaiming - newspapers in Malaysia are under the control of government - so where can anyone find true news in Malaysia?

And what about the non-malay party of MIC? This party is being monopolised by Samy Vellu who is another puppet of Umno.

I am ex-citizen of Malaysia. I came to Singapore in 1989, become a citizen of Singapore in 1997. Unfortunately, my education was did in Malaysia where unfair education regulations and rules are faced by Chinese, Indians and other non-malays.

The malays are allowed to enter their A Levels even if they get a Grade 3 for SPM. As for the non-malays, they can only enter A Levels with a Grade 1. The malays are automatically given scholarships, while the others are required to apply and play the waiting game.

To enter into local universities, non-malays need nothing less than excellent results. If one is taking history as a subject for A Levels, Islamic history is a compulsory topic. But English, a global tool, is a non-compulsory passing subject.

That is why I left. I left a country where there is no system, an unfair government which only cares for malays interest with no equal opportunity or equal treatment for the others.

What have Gerakan, MCA or MIC done for us? Nothing. Only the opposition DAP says the things which are truly happening in Malaysia. Who is Khairy to talk about Penang? What does he know about being marginalized?

The Indians in Malaysia, especially in the rural areas, are in pitiful state. Who is supposed to care for them? The MIC just leaves them to rot away.

Senior minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew has done a favour for the Chinese in Malaysia by voicing his views recently. Who is going to voice out the plight of the Indians in Malaysia? We non-malays have tolerated the government for far too long.

Come the next elections, I hope many will awaken from their dream and vote for the right people to bring Malaysia to greater heights. They so far have been failed by the money politics of Barisan Nasional.

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