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Wednesday, January 24, 2007 

Tiger Woods in the making

Ya like real. Catchy title only so don't get too excited after this... I played golf this week, finally!!! Well technically not the whole course, not that pro but I finally I got off my slacker arse and went to the Sydney Olympic Park golf driving range and have a few swings. Mind you, the range was very scenic and serves as pretty good eye candy.

I had yum cha in the morning so the thought of burning off some fat is very encouraging. I didn't bring my gloves and one of my noob friends asked the counter lady is it ok to play without gloves and of coz wanting to do business and looking at what we wore she said yeah if you're not that pro it's alright (damn my friend who wore slippers that day, look so unprofessional so paiseh coz everyone in there look the part in a golf range). So anyway, three of us shared a bucket of 140 balls and soon after our palms start looking red and feels like blisters is popping out soon. *Remind self to be more prepared in future*. Overall, it was fun but I am thinking of going for a course to get the proper foundations instead of swinging like a crazy man. No rabbits were killed in this process.

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