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Saturday, January 27, 2007 

Australian Open 2007

Now what did I do this whole week? Lemme see... Work, eat, sleep, thinking about work, watched the Australian Open; Maria Sharapova's grunting sound is a turn off though she's quite a beauty (among the rest so can't complain). The mens final is going to be a really good match up, I hope Roger Federer wins. Maybe I should head over to the betting site to check out the odds of Federer winning.

*LATEST UPDATE* Federer winning odds is 1.12. That is fucking pathetic! So each dollar I put in only wins 12c tax free. Ok, how about Gonzalez? His odds is 6.25. Hmmm, I may support Fernando Gonzalez then. Still undecided, I have til tomorrow evening. So who shall I bet on? *headache ah*


but guess wat? Spore won! This soccer match Spore vs Malaysia. Not that I care really, but just telling ya heh.

Soo...did u place your bet?? To win a pathetic 12 c tax free? :)

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