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Thursday, February 08, 2007 

Am I daydreaming?

Sometimes I'll start thinking about how things will be different if this happen, how there is a special entity up there that is looking after everyone, how everyone's born into this world to fulfill their destiny.

Maybe I watched too much anime but it does feel good to know that there's someone up there looking out for you. Man, the omnipotent being most probably need a massive call-centre and a super duper gazillion core cpu to process all the requests & prayers by people.

How real is it, to watch all the shows and movies and the main character who has to fulfil their destiny. To walk the path that no one else walked. To go where no one else been. So are all these beings born great or have greatness thrust upon them?

It's such a fantasy, to be able to fly, to do special stuff that you can only dream of or watch on tv. So are directors and story-tellers living in their own world. A world they imagine. A world free of the shackles of reality. Sometimes I just wish I don't need to worry too much about things. Being optimistic does have it's qualms too, especially if things start to fall apart. This is just one of those days.

No my world is not falling apart, just thinking too much makes my head painful. Maybe that's why I loved cartoons...


You must see the movie 'run loka run' to get some questions to your answers and vice versa - its simple: the ball is round, the game is 90 minutes, the rest is pure theory.

um, its run lola run, sorry. and its an OLD german movie

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