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Sunday, January 21, 2007 


That I don't even feel like blogging. It's 37"c today and clear sky. Really bad for my morale and mood. Maybe that's how men PMS comes about. Even staying at home is dreadful as the whole house's engulfed in hot, steamy air. Driving pass a swimming pool, I see throngs of people in their swim wear jumping into the pool. That felt so tempting...

Work's alright this week, nothing major. Never had to bring work back so far, which is good. I've finally decided I'll hold off on the DSLR camera I want to buy for now. Maybe towards the end of the year when/if I go back to Singapore for holiday. That's a big IF. So in that case, I'll concentrate on getting a el cheapo tripod that's hopefully not too heavy nor wobbly.

Back to the heat. Now I'll have no excuses not to have a beer. Upon saying that, I have to use the huge beer mug I got from Ainul. Till then... meanwhile I'll amalgamate with my beer in blissful 37 degree freaking heat wave!!!

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Dun fret. Summer should come to an end soon. Then again with the weather going bonkers nowadays, anything can happen.

And oh I'm glad the mug comes in useful. However I don't remember how it looks like now.

Buy an air conditioner or soak in the tub. Or hang out at the mall all day!

ARLO!!! Looks like someone is back in the blogging business :) You didn't tell me earlier!

Anyways, is it OK to add you to my links as well? Ta!

are in spore or overseas? confused.

go to the beach and chill out on the sand with a bottle of beer!

flowerger: singapore's weather is pretty constant though, it's either hot or raining hot. i'll try to take a picture of the mug for you when i get to it (of coz).

green ogre: yeah aircon did cross my mind many many times (especially during the hot days). by the time autumn comes i'll be out of aircon mode. note mall closes at 5pm here. there are other options like 24hr maccas but nope.

catty pants: of coz my dear! soz i added you without ur permission. hope you don't mind :p

dramaqueen: err u asking me? i'm not in singapore, i'm overseas. does that answer your question?

steph: heehee, beach is like 45mins drive away, unless i start to think about moving to sydney east. yeah beach is a good way out, i just have to get my lazy ass there and find a strategic spot for sun-baking and good viewing location. *grins*

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