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Sunday, January 21, 2007 

Liverpool won Chel$ki

Alright, so what if Liverpool lost in the FA Cup and the Carling Cup? They restored that by winning against Chel$ki at home. Well done and well taken goals. Now if only Australia has more coverage of the English Premier League that would be a god send. I still believe it'll take something magical to win Barcelona, unless some Barca key players are injured.

Okie enough of boring balls. Let's talk about something more interesting for the ladies, ahh... diamond ring. Diamond rings are expensive, they scratch other things easily, they're small and I don't see what's the big ho ha about diamonds. Note to self: I have to learn more about diamonds if I'm going to buy one in the future. If diamonds are the girls best friend, balls are the boys best friend then.

Oh I just checked, air tickets to Vietnam one way is quite cheap now. With Simon/Mela's wedding in mind, I was thinking of flying to Vietnam this June and fly from there to Singapore and then back to Australia. Tempting.... very tempting; if only I can get my ass together to get it organised now. Lol!

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It was quite a good match. Liverpool controlled the game. So unlike the stupid matches against Arsenal. Second place got chance already. And the Chelsea board damn stupid. Why fuck with Mourinho when he's already proven himself?

Oh I could tell you a little about diamonds. Introduce you to a good jewellery shop. :P

And your plan is very tempting to me too... But first things first, get your ass to Singapore.

Yeah i agree, hopefully the top 2 will stuff up a few more times and hopefully Liverpool will be more consistent as well. Then we might have a chance. Internal rife at Chelsea is good for us, can't complain.

When the time comes for diamonds I'll let you know. Of coz I am getting my ass to Singapore. I'll call you to confirm some dates etc.

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