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Monday, November 14, 2005 

Monday a new week

Monday just doesn't feel like a monday anymore when at 1am you're wide awake and typing away at the keyboard. In a few more hours time I'm going to work. Am I feeling the blues? Is it just me? I suspect there's millions (possibly bordering on the billions) out there that have the monday blues.

Is it a disease more virulent than the bird flu or as incurable as AIDS? It could be worse but not terminal. At worst it'll cause you some down time in your productivity at work. At least you know you're not alone and that a lot of others also feel the same way as you do.

When does work become monotonous? Is it when you're sick of it and feel that it's time to find something new? I always try to tell myself that whatever I want to do it has to be fun and something I'll like to do. What's the use of a million dollar job if you hate that job. Hmm... if it's really a million I might take up that job that I don't like.

I suppose it's a case of weighing both sides of the case. How much remuneration are you willing to take to take a job you don't like. I know a friend who works as a scuba diver and he gets paid really good money but he doesn't like the job. So how long would it last? I'm sure it'll come to a point where enough is enough and that you'll start to find another job even at the expense of lower pay. I think I would.

I just can't imagine getting paid to do something I don't like for 8-9hrs a day. It's like 1/3 of my day is given to something I don't like. I don't think I like that kind of life. Hmm... one million... I wish! Though pigs will fly!

eh, if u find a million dollar job, tell me leh. i also want. lmao...

eh if u find a millon dollar job tell me also lor. i want too. i want to have early retirement.


Yes, monday blues is embedded in everybody's cells. And no way to fight it. The only thing u can do is to screw up ur colleagues day so that u dont have the worst day amond ur peers. haha ...

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