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Saturday, November 05, 2005 

You'll Never Walk Alone

It's sad to hear about friends you know breaking up. It's sad to hear about lecturers who are nice people having terminal diseases. It's sad to know of bad things that befall your family, relatives, friends etc (touch wood).

Who in the world invented sadness? Is it coz there's happiness that sadness must follow? Is it a up and down trough that people experience? Why can't we have eternal happiness? If there is such a thing call eternal happiness would you know that you're happy? I don't think I would coz if I have never experienced sadness how would I be able to differentiate happiness from sadness?

Don't tell me it's an emotional thingy when you're sad/happy. I know that. Just because I know doesn't mean I have to acknowledge it (classical sign of denial). Life is just like the stock market. Life is just like history. You learn so much from it and yet you learn nothing too. You learn that it's only sooner or later the low ebbs sets in.

But one thing I learn, to take heart from these depressions and push myself forward. I learn that I'm not the only one to take such shit. I learn that no matter how low at a point you are in life there's always a turning point. I learn that there are friends around you who care for you. I learn that I'm not alone. I learn that I have to let go and that it takes time. I learn that I have to acknowledge whatever that happen. I also learn that I have heaps to learn about life and it'll never end with my demise.

To those who're feeling this way, be strong.

You'll Never Walk Alone.

I guess, sadness and happiness is like the ying and yang of life.

Sadness is imporant in life, meaning, it's existence is important and needed in parts of our life, coz it's a part of being human, which shows that one has the traits of empathy and human emotions in each one of us, even if they declare themselves to be a monster, a bastard or a bitch, we all go through that sadness ride.

maybe I'm just crapping... I feel sad when I am not loved, and I feel dissapointed... is there any diff between sadness and dissapointment??

I do think there is a difference between sadness and disappointment. Just because you're sad doesn't mean you're disappointed and vice versa. But that doesn't mean you can't be both sad/disappointed at the same time too.

I feel sad too when i don't feel loved. It is a natural emotional response to how we feel at that point in time.

IMHO, it's not a matter of whether is sadness important in our life but rather do you embrace the fact that it is part and parcel of life. Without sadness/hurt/heart break would you truly have learnt to love?

I personally think, without sadness/heartbreak and stuff, we probably would not be able to appreciate the real meaning of being loved and to love.

pinkys: i couldn't agree more. :D

Heh. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.

And like the song from Friends.

"I'll be there for you."
Even when the whole world turns to shit, I'll try to be there and suck it all in with you, bro.

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