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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

Lanky leather pants on Ebay

This is one of the funniest ebay descriptions I've seen for a listed item. Check out the questions and answers. I must say it's innovative to post it this way, attracts those type of people that'll want the leather pants. LOL!

the black leather pants belong to this LJ blogger if im not wrong. stumble upon his blog and he mentioned abt auctioning his black leather pants. yupz its the same black leather pants. LOL.


but seriously, his ad is really funny. its the kind of humour that one would find in david eddings's books: dry. :D

flowerger: hmmm... maybe it is. What's his blog? did he provide a link? LOL!

ensui: Yeah really funny, hmm... maybe he's david eddings in disguise? on 2nd thot i don't think so.

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