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Monday, November 07, 2005 

Series of unfortunate events

This is what I did for the past few days. Work, relaxing, checking out brochures and eyeing my camera, shopping and yum cha.

As the story goes,I was suppose to meet up with my friends at Sydney. I was staying at gf's place at Parramatta (inner west of Sydney) and they called to meet up. I said okie, sure, yeah what time? Happily they gave me the time and just say we'll meet you there. Normally we'll meet at Sydney but this time they decided to come over to Parramatta. I should be happier coz I don't need to travel right? You're wrong.

After the call, I get dressed and set off to take the train to Sydney. Just when I get on the train and it left the station, they called and asked me to open the gate to the house. I was like "WHAT! Where are you guys now?". Chirply they told me they're outside the house. I was like what the!!! Didn't we agree to meet at Sydney? Apparently they decided to come over without informing me. I had to stop at the next stop which was like 15-20mins later and take the train back to Parramatta (cursing and swearing by then).

So when I reach Parramatta, I asked them whereabouts are they in the shopping centre. They say they're in the foodcourt with KFC and McDonalds. I was like ok, I'll be there in 5mins. I stood in front of KFC and my friend called me. They say they're in front of KFC but I just don't see them at all. After much healthy banter I realised they're in another foodcourt (why must Australia have such huge shopping centres) in the basement. Walk walk walk (plus more cursing and stomach growling). Finally we meet up! What a great start to a day!!

I eat a lot of good food like peking duck, some kinda chicken (friend order I just tuck in), siew mai and har gao (can't do without those two during yum cha). All thanks to good friends who made me walk and walk and walk.

Went to the Nike, Adidas, Puma warehouse outlet, what a gem of a place! Didn't even know it existed till my friend brought me there. I drove pass that place countless times before and come to think of it, the signs are huge too. Did some shopping, of course! Pampered myself with a nike running shorts to inspire myself to run more (more like it was on sale). I need to get a top too but couldn't find one I like. Then I'll be complete to rock and roll (jog). That is if I rock and roll. I need to, I want to. Must motivate myself to jog!!!!

On a sidenote, I bought a gym top and bottom for my gf. Hope she likes it, though I know the size most probably won't be suitable but I bought it to surprise her. So if size doesn't match, she can always bring back and change it now that I gave her the receipt. *grins*

I made her angry on Sunday, *cheeky grin* but it wasn't entirely my fault. Anyway, the storm's over and it's clear blue skies now... muahahahaha! No, I didn't buy the sports apparel coz I made her angry. I bought it coz I felt I wanted to.

While driving, I stopped for a breath test. Pretty cool now. All you have to do is count from 1 to 10 into the handheld breath testing machine. Then that's it. It'll tell you whether you're drunk or not. I dunno whether is it really that reliable. I'm still skeptical. Nothing beats walking in a straight line. What if there were 10 cars piled up behind you waiting to take the breath test, I would be pissed if I was the last car. So for now, I have to agree with these breath test machines.
I'm considering whether should I go buy a domain name. An internet domain that ends with .com costs only US$7.95. unbelievably cheap! Well, if I find one I like, I might register for it. I tried www.bigbanana.com, alas it was taken. I tried www.bigbananas.com and it was taken too. What's people's fetish with bigbanana? I thought I was the only one with that fetish? Sheesh!

Now you may ask why unfortunate events. Hmm... coz of miscommunication I had to travel much longer; coz I spend money on food and clothes; coz I made myself tired; coz I made my gf angry; coz I'm side tracking from what I should be doing (like improving myself and getting another better job); and lastly coz nothing beats having to read and endure my crap. ^-^

Where is this outlet la? can give me the add so that I can go there when I come down under at the end of the month!

are u coming back home for hols?


steph: what you referring to? yum cha restaurant? there's plenty here. tell u u also dunno. :p

flowerger: err, i dunno yet. siew is. i haven't bought my air ticket yet.

i'm talking abt the sports outlets la! I also wan to go shopping when i'm down under...

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