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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 

A win is a win

I won at mahjong today. Oh for those I didn't pick up the call sorry, was busy playing mahjong. It's been ages since I had a go at it. We played 10c/20c. So the maximum win per round is $1.60/$3.20. Game lasted for 3 hours due to all the rusty players.

In the end, I won $2.50. LOL!!! Not even enough for my red bull I need for work tomorrow morning. I had fun I suppose. I miss those mahjong sessions I had with my friends back in Singapore. Those were really fun days! Talking cock, suaning (teasing) one of my guy friends as he's always the big target board which everyone aims at. In reality, he's actually a really nice guy. He's single and available. Chinese, a bit brownish overall, tall (but shorter than me), drives a beng car (with blue lights underneath the passenger seat to show off to others), mid-late 20s, highly eligible and rich, he'll pamper you like crazy if you get picked.

To apply, please email me with your vital stats. I'll screen through and if you pass me, I'll forward your resume to him for 2nd interview. Alternatively, email me for his friendster account. Really, he's a very nice guy. Loyal and down-to-earth, you know you can always trust him (maybe due to his police nature) and his melodramatic cry till you're suck dry of tears mandarin songs he always play in his car. I will never forget those traumatic moments, though he has good song choices.

It's getting late and I need to wake up freaking early. I should retire and enjoy a bit of the latest Robert Jordan - Knife of Dreams. Sweet dreams all. Meanwhile, I'll savour my $2.50 victory till tomorrow's red bull. *sheepish grin*