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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

Doing my bit for charity

I remember a few weeks back where my gf decided we should do our bit for charity. There's this new novelty idea where you can pack a shoe box worth of stuff for kids in 3rd world countries. You can put toys, gifts, footwear, some types of food and toiletries etc and pack it all up and seal the box. You can choose what age range you want to give to and so you can cater what you pack in there too.

So we went shopping and bought some stuff like toys, skipping rope, slippers, markers, crayons, books and toiletries for the kids to use. Apparently you can personalise the box by putting in a note or a photograph to give a face to the gift they receive.

It's a good alternative idea instead of just giving money. I know I've donated to a charity but I don't know where and what exactly that money is used for and whether did it really did them good or just usurped by some corrupted officials. At least with this shoe box of goodies, these corrupted officials won't want it that's for sure.

The organisation's called Samaritan's Purse and the project is called Operation Christmas Child. How sweet. Hopefully these shoe box gifts not only brought them a merry Christmas but also hope for the future.

wait later the corrupted officials take your things for their own kids or sell them off. lol...

but seriously, it does sound like a good plan. :)

ensui: yeah i hope the kids like it. hopefully it'll help brighten their christmas. :)

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