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Sunday, November 06, 2005 

How to push the romance button?

I think something I can improve on is to be a bit more romantic. My gf has hinted to me before she wants more romance in our life. What exactly constitutes romance? Buying flowers? Holding hands? A candle light dinner just the two of us? A walk at the beach? A surprise for her? Cooking for her? A short holiday?

I'm still trying to learn what makes a woman tick. After years of theory and some practice, I feel like I'm still fumbling around and searching for the holy grail. Not that I didn't pick up a copy of the fable "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" book, but that still doesn't solve the riddle.

Yes, there are differences in each gal to warrant different techniques (if that's how you want to put it) but I'm sure there must be some standard operating procedures (SOP for those army personnel) that you can follow.

Sure, there comes a point in your relationship where both of you need a boost. Where complacency and dullness sets in and you know it's time you do something about it to rekindle that feeling. Too long together does brings about a level of comfort with each other and life just goes on in this comfort zone.

So then, what should you do then?

/To myself. I want a happy blog. I think I should start to write more on happy stuff.

buy her a bouquet of PINK tulips of PINK roses!!!

ps: if she doesn't want it, you can always pass it to me man muahahahahaha

or, or! you can make this book, and put pics of you guys from the first day you guys were together until present day. and alongside, if you do keep the first movie tickets, or the first memories of anything at all, you should include or write it in the bk!!

you know a book, of the chronicles of the relationship. and leave some pages blank at the back, which means - "and the journey goes on and I can't wait to continue exploring that journey together with you..."
power sia!! ok lah maybe only for me wahahahahaha

or you can make for her few thousand of jigsaw....

or make a board game, and make cards, asking questions based on the relationship... and see who remember or treasure those memories better...

yep... that be nice... maybe childish lah... :D

erm... i think in short what pinkys wants to say is that just as long as you think of ways to make her happy, can liaoz.

as long as you keep thinking to yourself, "what does my gf want/like?", you should be able to find some romantic thing to do for/with her. being with her for so long, you should know by now what she likes and wants to do. if not, its never too late to start learning. >.<

if she likes a particular thing but doesn't want to buy it, then buy it behind her back and give it to her as a present. if she says that she has been wanting to go somewhere for quite some time, then try to arrange for the both of you to go. if she says that she has been wanting to do something for sometime, then arrange for a time where the both of you can do it together.

basically, put some (ok, maybe alot) effort into thinking what she would like to do or have, and then doing your best to make sure it comes true. if you dun put effort into a relationship, then it becomes dull where either side is unhappy.

thats my SOP, which might seem a little far-fetched, but it make her happy. :)

yo dude. do something unplanned ie surprise her. do something spontaneous. catch her off-guard. go for a short trip over the weekend or candlelight dinner etc.

our spontaneous trip (me, jess, siew & june) to canberra was something i will call "romantic". we decided to go like the very day. took 30 minutes to pack our stuff & off we go. slept in the car for a nite but its something neither of us could forget.

but of course on ur side u hv to plan the accomodation etc lah. dun end up sleeping in the car...hee...

give it a shot. there are so many places u can go along the coast. endless places to visit.

good luck! ;)


I'm sure you'll come up with something. You're one of those with some imagination left. Go and make her feel special.

Waves pom poms.
"Gimme a 'B'"
"Gimme an 'A'"
"End it with a NANA"
"It spells 'Lovey Dovey Man of Mysterious Romantique'"

You go, boy!

Buy a flower for her. hide it under your pillow. When u guys are cuddling or done doing something xxx, juz give her a kiss and whip out the flower from under her pillow. U'll be amazed at the impact it has on her. Really.

A guy tried it on me once. I still remember how i felt up till today.

pinkys: lol pink tulips, hmm... she might faint. yeah most prob if i buy i will give it to you. fwah photo album. Well the thing is i haven't really been taking pictures like crazy. hopefully i will soon. yeah i did make a jigsaw before. she left it back home in singapore. *grins*

ensui: yah yah got effort liao. tried to buy her stuff. the thing is she's very picky. her taste very exotic. most stuff i buy so far she return back to the shop to get another one she like... lol!

flowerger: got leh, i did plan surprises for her. like for her bday this year... lol ask ensui! but i don't do it too often. but surprises can't do it too often, will get stale...

ogre: i can imagine you being a pom pom ogre. i'll pass. *cheeky grin* thks for the support! you're one romantic freak too :p

adrienne: oooo so romantic... you sure its the flower or what happen after? :p but she reads this blog too how? u should hv sms or emailed me... alamak! DOH! but thks for suggestion anyway. hopefully she didnt read these comments... lol!

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