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Sunday, November 06, 2005 

Love for camera is blind

Love can be for a person or for an activity that you're passionate about. You can enjoy tremendously an activity or a hobby to be willing to do anything and buy anything to satisfy that desire.

I have a friend who just recently spent like US$5000 on a DSLR camera (plus lenses and other accessories. He whinges that it's too expensive in Australia and decided to buy it off someone from Ebay in the US. In the end, when it finally came (after 2 weeks even though he went with UPS), he had to pay custom tax amounting to another A$500.

In total, he paid approximately A$7000 for the camera + lenses + carry bag. To top it off, the previous camera he was using was working fine and he just bought new lenses that cost like A$700 for the previous camera and he sold it all off on Ebay (at a loss) just to buy that new toy.

Well, perhaps I'm not so into photography to that extend, and can just never imagine how the hell will you fork out that kind of insane amount of money for a camera.

This comes to the next point I want to relate to. Comparing this to relationships where a couple is truly in love. If you have never love before, would you truly have known the happiness and sadness that can be caused by such a wonderful relationship?

Just like I'm clueless for my friend's camera obsession, I don't think someone can truly empathize with how you feel when you're in or out of love. This goes for anything else too.

Note, the camera he bought was a Nikon D70 which retails for like A$1800.