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Friday, November 11, 2005 

Friday blues

Seems like ages, but a friend of mine just flew off on Thursday or was it Friday? I think it's Thursday. So basically I'm baby-sitting his (or his gf''s ex-car) red coloured Ford Laser. Which means I'm getting even more lazy and is driving everywhere I'm going now. Even though work's like 10mins walk away, I'm still driving over. *BIG SMILE*

Don't persuade me to do otherwise. I have a duty to make sure his car is working and in drivable condition when he's back. So, after work came back home, pretty tired but excited coz it's a Friday and I'll be seeing my gf.

Meanwhile, online I've a gaming competition going on with a couple of my online friends. We play a first-person shooter called America's Army (similar to Counter-strike for those who're familiar) but it's much more realistic and of course better graphics. Competition's 4 vs 4 and is suppose to start at 9pm AEST (Australia Eastern Standard Time). My team all came in early and was prepared by 9.05pm. The other team's setting up the server, so we waited patiently for them to set it up and get their guys going.

Guess what, we waited like a whole hour for them to get ready. How bad can they get? Rules state that maximum wait time is around 45mins before the other team has to forfeit. We were actually itching to play as we haven't for ages so decided to wait it out. Anyway all's well ends well. We won the match 10-2 (out of 12 rounds). Maybe we were pissed and wanted to avenge the time spent waiting for them.

After that I promised my gf I'll spend some quality time with her. Turns out in the end she fell asleep on the couch. Hee hee. So much for quality time. Can't entirely blame me. *sheepish grin*