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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

I didn't wake up in vain

I barely am awake for the soccer match. However, due to the lack of live soccer matches available here. I drag myself out of bed just to catch it. It was not in vain as they won the match 3-0 and should hopefully progress to the next stage. Hooah! Pretty happy but tired. Going to go back for a short nap.

Yes...they were very good against an aveage anderlecht side. They do seem to have the knack of raising their game in Europe. As a side issue I was pleased to see Morientes score a good goal he could and should be doing more for them. Finally someone has beaten chelsea but with the help of a poor ref....lots of diving etc

si: yeah opposing team was mediocre at best but still a win is a win ;)

Yeah i would be happy to see morientes continue his scoring run but he's injured now. sigh.

YES, finally someone beaten chelski. Hopefully someone can beat them in the premier league soon!

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