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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

Google is 1337!

No that's not the age of Google, nor their share price, nor how much of planet earth they're covered in Google Earth. For those truly ignorant, read what does 1337 mean.

I'll like to share something that Google created and I think its pretty useful. It is also indicative of where the Internet is going towards. I shall not confuse you with terms like social bookmarking and feeds etc as you can always Google it. :)

Back to Google.

Yes Google, the ultimate devil or angel depending on who you're siding with. People are suggesting they're the next up and coming Micro$oft, almighty and about to intrude on your privacy by collecting data about your surfing habits and tracking cookies. Yet you can't fault them for their ingenuity and creativeness. With the recent spate of new products/technologies like Google Earth, Google Desktop, Google Map; no wonder people are getting paranoid (and the shareholders getting happier).

Recently Google introduced a fairly new technology call Google Suggest. It's basically similar to the normal Google search engine except it offers suggestions (think of Internet Explorer's auto complete whenever you type something) back to you in real time. I think my explanation does not offer it much justice but give it a try. Certainly very interesting and certainly very good. Here's a faq on how Google Suggest works.

The next new Google feature is their RSS feeds reader call Google Reader. In lay-man terms, Google Reader collates various RSS/ATOM feeds (which contain sniplets of information) that you're interested in and it polls that particular site for the latest news. So whatever websites (not all sites have RSS/ATOM feeds but a lot are supporting it now due to its popularity) that you subscribe to you can read the latest news and updates all in one place instead of having to scour the entire net to find what you like.

There's already non web-based feed readers available out on the market for those who prefer to read their news on a separate application. Just that Google's one of the first (could be the first) to introduce a web-based version. I sincerely hope they come out with more applications in the future that similarly can have a positive effect on our daily lives.

i gotta admit, the google-suggest is one hell of the search engine. its really much simpler and user-friendly.

as for the google-reader, i'm reserving my opinion. i haven't actully tested it yet, so i can't say for sure. >.<

oh yeah, there were rumours that google was gonna produce a google-office suite. apparently the chairman quashed such tales, but i won't be surprise if google does actually do come out with one.

ensui: Yah i like google suggest. Underlying technology they using is actually quite complex but they managed to basically combine several technologies to make it simpler. Over the years, internet applications will adopt what google suggest is doing. I'm seeing this in a few other applications now like yahoo mail etc.

as for google reader, for those who read their news online its a very good utility but u'll need a gmail account to access it.

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