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Friday, November 04, 2005 

Lovely Singapore on Uncyclopedia

Was reading one of my friend's blog when I came across a site called Uncyclopedia. There was a short write up on Singapore; hilarious I must say.

To quote from Uncyclopedia:

"Recent field reports indicate that Singapore's physical location is actually populated with foreign talent from China and India. The majority of the indigenous population remains in a persistent vegetative state that arose from complacency and Apathy during the 1997 Oral Sex Rights Crisis. The remainder exist as collective consciousness at blogspot, or as patients on kidney dialysis machines kept dependent by being force fed peanuts.

Singapore is also famed for producing large numbers of whiny bloggers. Singaporeans are reputed to make up more than 70% of all Asian blogger users. 80% of Singaporean bloggers are female. 90% want to marry William Hung. The other 5% are not stupid, and the other 5% are not gay.

The official Singaporean mascot is a half-fish, half-lion chimera known as the merlion. This takes on a sinister new overtone once one realizes that Singapore is gearing up to be the most sought-after biological sciences hub in Asia. Of course, who says it is not right to do so???

The Merriam-Webster defines "Kiasu" as "The Singaporean state of mind"."


true though. lol...

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