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Saturday, November 05, 2005 

Holiday Buyer's Guide 2005 (No not ipods)

This guide is different from the ipod guide that I posted earlier. This is more adult stuff (*cough*) when you load up the site.

If you like gadgets and gizmos and the latest high tech stuff, give this place a peekaboo. Not having the dough to buy them doesn't mean I can't oogle at them (no, not the model mind you).

I find these to be cool:

1) Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers (imagine some combat action people. There's red, blue and green to choose from)

2) Plasma Mug (Friends coming over for a drink? Show this off, muahahaha. They'll be so jealous)

3) Inflatable Speakers (Ultra-portable and you can blow them up, ultimate in geekness. When you're finish with it, deflate it. I like this a lot. So uber! Definitely caters to the geek in me. Imagine, lesser to blow compared to a blow-up doll, more enjoyment and can cater to everyone instead of the selfish you. LOL!)