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Thursday, November 03, 2005 

Ultimate iPod Buyer's Guide 2005-6

As I'm watching yet another live soccer match (maybe to make up for the times I missed live matches) between Juventus and Bayern, I came across this site that showcases all the latest ipod products in a nifty pdf. It's pretty much everything to do with ipods and mainly targeted towards buyers this Christmas season. *BIG HINT*

Looking for your virgin ipod? Looking for an accessory to mate with your ipod? Looking to get your darling something that starts with i? Looking for a pink ipod? Look no further than this one!

Very tempting & comprehensively covers almost all ipod stuff. My ramblings does the guide no justic. Definitely a must see for ipod fan boys/girls. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy! Back to the match and later work (coffee ain't going to help my black ringed eyes).

they only have pink skins and no pink Ipod nano??!!! unacceptable!

yah this is unacceptable!!! err at least got skins leh better than nothing. hehe

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